Monday, January 6, 2014

2 Minute Book Review

John Gardiner's Coyote Blues

This is an environmentalist's look at Laguna canyon, what it was and what it's become and becoming. There's no way not to lament this of course, but his poems go beyond lament and he is able to find peace in what's left of the natural world in a number of his poems. And he goes beyond the environment and Laguna as well, traveling every where across the world, especially in his first section. I felt all kinds of sad in a number of these places in the loss of the world and in all those places he's been and I'll never get to. Anyway, it's a very straight-forward yet meaningful kind of poetry. Read it.


  1. I felt this way recently when visiting my daughter in Colorado and witnessing the flood damage first hand in Estes Park, Longmont, and Greeley, but at least that was nature causing the loss and not the hand of man. You have to respect the power of nature's fury, which can be awe-some, but destruction by man feels more aw-ful.