Monday, May 4, 2015

A Sense of Place

Feel free to post your poems below or to send them directly to me for comment at!


  1. Philadelphia from the El
    The smell of danger--sticky heat.
    Stuck to the seat
    of the Frankford Elevated train.
    From the corner of the window
    left untagged, I see the distant Delaware,
    the heavy clouds, threatening rain.

    1. Sorry for the lateness in my reply. I didn't see this earlier. What can I say? You are a professional poet and this is a strong poem!

  2. Thanks so much John! It is a doodle based on an earlier poem I wrote, the last poem in my book, A Likely Story, which offers a poem for each stop of the Frankford Elevated train, from center city to my stop, Margaret and Orthodox, next to last stop on the line.

  3. A Haiku

    Early Morning Walk in the City

    Silver chain link fence.
    Trash, wind, emptiness and lack.
    Wire would scratch...paint.

    1. I love that. It captures the LA I've always lived in.