Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11 -- Social Night

Check out Drunk in a Midnight Choir


  1. my god it's insane trying to get from my house to
    hollywood because the intersection of highland
    and hollywood (the street not the district)
    is blocked off for some something having to do with promoting
    a big movie
    and we're trying to drive here to see a small one so we turn sharply
    onto some street and finally find a garage that doesn't cost 25 dollars
    it only costs 20 (WHAT?) and we park and walk then realize
    we are blocks and blocks away from the theater
    so we walk on hollywood (the street just to remind you)
    in hollywood (yup, the official part of the city with the stars on the sidewalk) and there are SO MANY PEOPLE we
    can barely elbow our way up the street. it's like new york my
    friend says and we both should know because we are both
    new yorkers. people yelling, tourists taking pictures of each
    other in front of some store and hawkers hawking and the cops
    directing traffic although nothing is moving because (remember?) the street
    is blocked off but that doesn't stop anyone from yelling or trying to move
    or honking. it's loud and it's still light out and my friend
    keeps turning to me saying we parked in a stupid place but
    it's never stupid to be with the guy saying "do you want a tour?"
    and us saying "no no we live here" although "here" feels a million
    miles away from the little house on the quiet street with the giant
    trees where they sometimes film scenes for movies
    which one time
    involved 3 horses and 4 men dressed as Indians and Cowboys -- so I guess
    it's not far at all when you consider the matter closely.

    1. I love the chaos of this Stephanie. Fantastic!

    2. thanks for the encouragement John and for this process which is just generous of you and great. once again, I'm so much enjoying everyone else's work, and will comment more vociferously when able to sign into my "credentials." :-)

    3. Are you up in Washington now away far from the madding crowds?

    4. love this. I am a big fan of parenthetical statements (as you can see). one of my least favorite things about living in LA (Long Beach is just as bad) is the whole Hollywood thing (Oh look, they're filming a movie - damn), of course I work for Fox so I should appreciate it.

    5. Stephanie I know Hollyweird well and this speaks easily to the feel (Hollywood in the 70's was a different vibe) I like the NY comparison too



    They gathered at the crossroads
    Dark beneath cloud-crowded midnight
    Survivors of a dozen rebel towns
    Stinking of urine and blood
    Trading the names of the dead
    Friends and neighbors left on their backs
    Bodies empty

    They murmured of murder
    Had made hard choice
    Between remorse and remedy
    Between funeral and fury
    And stood upon the trade road
    To lend new leaders
    Cold steel

    Counsel was given
    Harsh words of war thrown
    Between men with hard minds
    All searching for an answer
    Until Dreyo stood upon the rocks
    And rallied them to leave behind
    Their souls

    Disowning shield and armor
    They traveled east all night
    Running quietly along the river banks
    Leaving wives and sons behind
    Royal soldiers well concealed
    Behind stone fortress walls
    In waiting

    At dawn’s first misty gray
    The slayers reached the capital
    The fortress bypassed
    The battle unreported
    A city full of families
    So like their own
    Still sleeping

    1. Cool. You've done the fictional / fantasy poem. Fantastic!

    2. It reminds me of some of the old English poems updated.

    3. one of the most interesting things about this exercise is exactly how and to what extent I end up diverging from the day's prompt once the writing starts and retracing my steps at the end to see how it happened

    4. Yeah, that's kind of fun, and all right too. It's just about writing and if you go away from the prompt, that's no problem!

  3. The Bong Room

    The party was a celebration
    For graduates
    Going into high school
    and visiting my mom's

    it was crowded
    And loud inside my house
    And the bamboo bong
    was passed around

    for the few who were allowed
    into the back room
    a bluish green

    The bong was a smoking dream
    Made the room spin, I mean, really
    made the pipe become alive

    to think of the
    Vietnam soldiers
    who survived the war
    only to come home to more
    ridicule and hate
    as if they were to blame
    as they had to participate

    My pipe was a peace pipe
    and my party was a pow wow
    As a way to escape stress
    A way to relate I guess
    To the war in my own head
    Running from my problems instead
    of facing what was real
    a mentality of reality
    to where I could feel
    As I admit, can't stop
    the problems in the world
    I can only make mine
    less hurled in a whirl

    1. That's a great memory and reflection, man!

    2. You pick me up and dust me off saying the right words to keep it up!!

    3. The rhyme scheme is flows really nice in this work and the intensity stays from beginning to end ... well done

  4. Scoring First Time

    I look at Robert
    “She’s not cool”
    the middle aged
    woman walks in
    the liquor store

    I finger the
    2 dollars in
    my pocket

    I nod at the man
    “He’s a tool”
    Robert says

    I light
    2 smokes

    “Him” Robert says
    as I hand him my 2

    the young man
    (older than me)
    in the white
    t-shirt walks
    out with 2
    6 packs of Bud

    he knows to
    keep the change
    from our 4

    we watch the
    lights from
    the passing
    cars for cops

    then cross
    the street
    with our beer

    disappear in the
    orange grove

    1. That's great man. The universal teenage experience.

    2. Yea, I figured it wasn't unique to me. :)

    3. It was Chris and Tom's liquor store for us ... I can feel the tension in this


    As you lay listening
    As I sit reading
    About a woman traveling
    After the close of her life

    With ghosts surrounding
    Her wagon on horseback
    Holding the reins grimly
    Sitting beside her in silence

    With angels to guide her
    By the wisdom of a child
    And the heart of a girl
    Carrying another inside her

    As I read forward
    As you fall sleeping
    As Addie ends her story
    As I Lay Dying

  6. I like this poem. Fantastic. As I Lay Dying. That's a great reference and a great dual story that happens outside the poem in our memories of that novel.

    1. Thank you John. I love to read out loud to my wife before bed ... so it was kind of an inside/outside poem

  7. Beer on the patio
    Turn off the loud AC
    Put on Frank Sinatra
    Light the grill
    Run the day's demands
    Through our hands.

    1. That last metaphor really does it for me. Fantastic!

    2. Oh wow. I love this

  8. Bath in a Bucket

    The fire was slowly crackling
    And the cows had all gone home
    Our marshmallows had all been toasted
    And it was too dark out to roam

    The sky was filled with a million stars
    Like dreams waiting to be caught
    We fantasized about the river
    Tomorrow was gonna be hot

    Our tired bodies were about to make
    Their way to the big blue tent
    Then mom broke out that stupid ole bucket
    And we knew exactly what that meant

    She heated up some water
    In dads beat up camping pot
    Then stripped us down like criminals
    Streaked with protests, tears, and snot

    Our naked tush's were shivering
    While she scrubbed off all the dirt
    So we tried bargaining and pleading
    When our pride began to hurt

    She sent us to bed pouting
    Satisfied that we were clean
    We sulked until we drifted off
    Convinced that mom was mean

    I despised that part of camping
    What's wrong with a littls grime?
    But mom was kind of a germ-a-phobe
    And being dirty was a capital crime

    To this day...

    I'd rather stand up in the middle of church
    And recite "There once was a man from Nantucket"
    Than ever again face the indignity
    Of taking a bath in a bucket

    1. That's wonderful. Really great stuff!! You have a gift for this kind of humorous rhyme. I feel your pain too!

  9. Bells on My Socks


    Sigh. You know those things you pray to do?
    And then when they happen its a big sarcastic whoop-de-doo?

    I should charge. I dont know why I don't.
    Maybe its because of those static period where nothing resembles these days, weeks, months...years,
    These fuck-ing "moments."

    Oh God, what the fuck for?!
    I love you as my sweet Jesus,
    So why do i feel like your whore?

    Just cuz i said yes and not no?
    What about all those g damn times i truely said yes and you up there on your throne, said no?

    Everytime i drive into one of these motels hoe-tels
    Even when it happens to be a nice hotel, when somethings smiling down on me,
    I cant help but go through that list...

    And i go, "If only you had given me to him,
    I would have given him myself over and over again,
    But noooooooo, dont make it easy for me, huh?"

    Oh, you and your dear sweet ways my Lord,
    Does this amuse you?
    I find it cruel that you hoard
    My heart's life and laugh at it.
    As if the way i sway
    Were only up to me,
    And not subject to life's interesting little maze,
    These planets...a line of jawbreakers and gumdrops.

    So God wants to see me whole...? Hmmm,
    Then why do i enter these seasons where he makes me into sliced bread,
    Unevenly thread
    All across a cheap table with garnished with plastic wrapped cups?

    Sometimes I think there couldnt be a God
    But then I look up,
    Shake my head and nod.
    You truly must be God,
    Because your poetry really is the sickest.
    Do you constantly have to prove your point
    And make me feel like the hickest?

    Another dark night,
    You found me again,
    Collecting up pieces of woman and girl child,
    Glueing them aright until the light.
    Trying to forget sweet bends,
    That could have been seen by
    Meant for him.

    1. That's great. Religious and passionate!

    2. Thanks alot. Even sacrilegious, maybe, sadly.