Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12 -- Mother Nature Sneezes

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  1. it was july so we thought
    summer and liberation -- all dressed up for revolutionary tea
    in paris, but then the sharp ice stones
    fell the hard hurt of the tiny drove
    me and my friend under an awning
    while she danced with fascinated pain
    under the darkened sky. ow ow
    she cried and then laughed then cried then spun
    as her pale white dress turned grey
    with the melting pellets
    you're going to get sick i thought
    but for once i shut up with the nagging
    when i saw my friend laugh too --
    put her hand out to feel the little knives
    that fell undreamt of in the middle of the
    Marais. guillotines, i thought. but no it was
    more like needles. what fell was miniscule but it
    really stung. i put my hand out too. then we both
    stood in the shower of pain. why? because it
    so unexpected, and because she -- the youngest of us --
    liked it.

    1. That's wonderful. I love all the allusions to history and nature and everything!

    2. I love "the hard hurt of the tiny"

    3. a poem that explains the inexplicable. great resonant language and very memorable imagery like the "shower of pain." and I love the way you finish this.

  2. Snow Day

    December in LA Verne
    and I’m home sick
    this is the life

    daytime TV
    cheese enchiladas
    in the toaster oven

    snuggled in my
    PJs in a blanket
    on the couch

    the sky is dark
    it’s gonna rain
    peek out the window

    Aaaaak! what’s that?
    it’s snowing! It never
    snows in La Verne!

    what a way
    to ruin a
    good sick day

    jeeez, I know what
    they’re doing at
    the Junior High

    They’ll all run
    out of class
    play in the snow

    snowball fights
    snow angels

    and me sick
    at home - it’s
    not fair

    I’m gonna throw
    on some shoes
    put on a jacket

    go in the backyard
    and throw me
    a snowball

    1. Once every five years or so we get a little snow and the world turns wonderful. Good memory man!

      Mother nature sneezing indeed!

    2. Yea, and it ruined my great sick day. There is a picture of my Mom standing in the front yard of her house in LA (Lincoln Heights) with snow on the ground - in the 30's.

  3. Hail hail Football

    It is just another football practice
    Skies cloudy and weather cool
    We get to go down to the big field
    Where the games are played on Friday
    Nights when rarely we ever practiced there
    We were only Junior Varsity
    We only were allowed on the
    Baby field up near the classrooms
    The weather turned colder and
    the hail came suddenly out of the sky
    Pelting our helmets with a ping, Ping, ping,
    Then harder and faster
    it started raining down
    The size of dimes
    or round marbles
    It was slamming harder
    The coaches were not protected
    Only wearing there baseball hats
    We had our full gear on with helmets
    and pads as the hail bounced off of us
    like we were superhero's invulnerable
    The helmets rang out like pinball machines
    Ringing and binging, bonking, and boinking
    Off of us bouncing and hitting like a machine gun
    now rat, tat, tat, tat, bing, bing, ding. ding ding, We were
    having fun! Why do we have to go in now?! Then I thought to
    Myself, this is a lifetime experience
    as fun as a beach
    ball being bounced
    off the hands of the
    seating during a game
    But at the same time
    I was in an open field
    and protected
    from the forces of nature

  4. That's great Daryl! That sounds horrible, but one of those moments you never forget!


    There’s heat and then there’s desert heat
    Rehab heat where even the cactus scream
    For something to drink
    Almost as brutal as the note she sent
    With sad little character marginalia pleading
    Please get me the fuck out of here
    It was cool in August near the sea
    The drive to Sycamore Ranch proved vicious
    Cruel even with the air full blast
    Every mile away from the coast up a degree
    Until I reached the sadistic shimmering mirage
    Of promised sober living and found her crumpled
    Waiting in the shade of sharp tongued yucca plants
    Clutching a twenty-five-year-old stuffed animal
    Whose plastic eyes were nearly melting
    In front of pink stucco and promises
    And her tears drying in the wicked sun
    Almost as soon as her heart released them
    I held her close remembering her scarlet fever
    When she was a baby but our bodies seemed cool
    Compared with the floor of hell
    We drove home not speaking only the sound of the A/C
    Every mile a degree cooler until we reached the sea
    One day at a time one degree one moment that’s all
    To think about now
    The moon rose early and the ocean breeze broke
    The fever of the desert our hearts melted with the waves.

    1. Wow! What beautiful and emotional poem. I love the mix of natural details and man made, especially that stuffed toy. It says so much!

  6. 3 in the morning, Steve at the slider.
    Fire in the yard.
    Flames belched up
    At the bottle brush tree,
    Crackled and crawled
    Across the deck
    Grabbing for the house.

    I froze at the door.

    Steve grabbed the hose
    Turned on the water
    Blasted the fire
    Back down from the tree,
    Knocked off the flames
    Destroying the deck.
    Soon it was over.
    What happened?

    The grate beneath the BBQ
    Was open a crack
    Embers fell through
    Fell down between
    The boards in the deck,
    Lit the weeds there
    Which fried the wheel
    On the BBQ.
    Off kilter it fell
    Onto the deck
    Where the coals turned to flames.

    Scary close call.

    1. That's great and that is truly mother nature sneezing! I'm glad all was all right. You really drew me in!

  7. The Weather is Always Fair

    I've always been lucky
    The weather's never bad
    Nature never plagues me
    No turbulence to be had

    Oh sure, I've been in rain storms
    Where the power has gone out
    And have driven in some crazy fog
    Thick like a head on freshly poured stout

    I've felt the rumbles of an earthquake
    As it shook me to my core
    But the ground has never opened up
    And dumped me at the devils door

    Of course I've seen some flooding
    I watched it on the news
    And yes, there've been wild fires
    Saw them on the news too

    Never stared into the eye of a hurricane
    No tsunami has ever made me pause
    And no twister has ever picked me up
    And set me down in Oz

    I've never lived in snowy places
    So I've never shoveled the drive
    And no blizzards have ever swallowed my house
    Or buried me alive

    I guess I'm pretty fortunate
    The weather's been kind to me
    The trees are always shady
    And the cool breezes ars always free

    1. I love the use of meter and rhyme in your work. I have to say though, Valley Fog scares me to death! Worse than earthquakes to me!

  8. Blue Golashes with a Dinosaur Detail

    He warned that I would need them.
    I said, "No, way."
    He said, "Let's go buy some."
    I said "Okay."

    I worried they would be nerdy.
    He assured they were not.
    But he loved computers,
    And I hated Spock.

    "Okay, I'll take these then."
    Spoiled. I replied.
    "Alright, are you sure?" He questioned.
    "I'm sure. Just buy them and secretly rolled my eyes."

    "Okay, if it will make you happy."
    "Of course it will!" I said.
    All along thinking,
    "Let's just get going, I'm done."

    So on we went,
    And I did not much doubt
    That a good penny he'd spent,
    But I'd never wear them out.

    Days later,
    I had never seen it rain so,
    After all, it was Pomona,
    Not known to rain, hail or snow.

    Instead of droplets
    The water went SPLAT
    Hurting my ears
    Upon the brim of my hat.

    A dreadful day,
    he was right.
    A spiteful day,
    I was not.

    What was worse
    Was how cute I felt in my golashes
    and how snobby I acted
    because my nice shoes never got messed up.

    1. That's great. You've set up a real beat for this poem too!