Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24 -- Ancestors Part 3


  1. Lost in the wind centuries gone
    A child swims in the clear river

    of what is now Los Angeles
    She knows nothing of crusades

    or lords. There is no reason
    for her to fear God as she pets

    a fish, in a small silver lake,
    who has no reason to fear her

    This moment before the
    angels are born is heaven

    I want to tell her it will be
    okay but I know the future
    and I cannot lie to the past

  2. 1931, John H. Thomas (11)


    Who’re you kid?
    You’re Dad’s not here

    I’m Tommy

    Tommy, sounds like a baby name

    nice gun

    This? It’s a single shot 22
    it shoots shorts
    I use it to pick off crows
    get 25 for the beaks


    Whatever. If you wanna
    keep up you better run
    I gotta check my traps

    I watched as the boy
    dirty from his head
    to his toes shot
    into the woods

    1. That's

      get a whole 25¢ for the beaks

    2. Great poem Tommy! I love the way you imagine him!

    3. i really like the conversational feel of this. "nice gun." !!!

  3. Up A Tree

    For the last time
    You have got to come down!
    But, the view, I
    can almost touch the sky
    It is too dangerous to be up there!
    The wind took the tree and swayed
    its top heavy branches
    The boy was near the telephone wires
    as he climbed further to the top of the tree
    It's as though I'm a bird!
    I can touch the sky!!
    The boy watched down below as I
    was looking up with the sun in my eyes
    I'll give you a treat, if you come down?
    I don't want to!
    Okay then, you won't get any ice scream
    The boy thought awhile
    In his tracks
    as the wind
    blew strong
    and he swayed back and forth
    I need you
    to come down
    Now Thurman Aurthor Belcher
    The boy was never to hear his middle name
    unless he was in big trouble
    Maybe the ice cream sounds like a good idea?
    Can I have the treat? I don't want to come down
    if I can't have some ice cream
    As the sun was in my eyes
    I could only make out a silhouette of a shadow
    up in the branches, slowly stepping back down
    as I screamed, "Be careful!!" , I don't want you
    to f
    Halfway down the branch was slick
    and the boy slipped off and was actually
    falling when he
    outstretched hand
    an caught
    last branch
    like an acrobatic monkey
    climbing back up he had
    a smile on his face
    Did you see me?!!
    I almost fell
    I'll come down now
    The terrifying fall made my
    heart skip a beat
    and I gave him his ice cream
    just because he was okay
    "I was like a monkey
    A real life monkey, man!"
    I said,"I know, I know"

    1. That's a wonderful poem, one of your best of the month Daryl!!

  4. The Babysitter

    What would I do?

    If an ancient ancestor knocked on my door
    And asked me to watch little Johnny
    I couldn't take him to a movie
    or the mall
    I couldn't park him in front of the TV
    or a computer
    I couldn't use the air conditioner
    or anything in the kitchen
    I couldn't drive him around in the car
    and the bus is definitely out

    he'd be so confused
    my clothes would confuse him
    and my speech
    my house would frighten him
    and my food
    my morals would confound him
    and my humour
    my world would leave him spellbound
    and all its magic

    what a jerk I would be to watch him
    even for just one day
    he'd probably go back missing half of his IQ
    along with his sanity
    he'd probably end up coveting our laziness
    along with our greed
    he'd probably contract some crazy flu
    along with Ebola
    he'd probably want to stay...
    no way

    and when he goes back
    imagine the stories he tell
    there'd be talk of witchcraft and devils
    there be talk of science fiction
    and fantasy
    there'd be talk of giants
    And monsters
    there'd be talk of faithlessness
    and loss

    little Johnny would be hung
    so, sorry... I'm busy that weekend

    1. That's great. You rejected him, but it's for the best!

    2. i like the time-travel premise here. sort of scary, but effective.

  5. My father at 7 at Reeder Bay

    Well he was here — he must have been
    The family went camping at the beach:
    I see him Peter Pan-ish darting through
    The trees throwing sticks at deer and hiding
    I see him as a trickster slipping in and out of
    Shadows til I — his parent in this weird oedipal moment—
    Say Leonard STOP and we walk down to the beach.
    He runs into the water, splashes furiously in that terrible
    Excuse for freestyle that he has learned somewhere.
    He sits on the sand for a moment. Stands up.
    I hate it, he says. Sand gets in your pants.
    This will be his eternal complaint about the beach
    That it’s messy. I see him at 7 jumping up and down
    Trying to get the granules out of
    His shorts.

    1. Great Stephanie. you're father is a pill at 7! I saw a pic of my grandfather this weekend. He's seven and wearing such a bad boy smirk.