Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26 -- The Natural World Today


    Everything this life and why
    do children laugh at nothing?
    Everything this life and where
    do dreams go upon waking?
    Everything this life and now
    you ask me to live forever
    Everything this moment
    and no time to surrender—sr

    1. That's fantastic. I love what you did with the poetic device! 7 in the morning and you've already written a great poem!

    2. no time to surrender is a great finish.

    3. I like the rhythm of the repetition. Nice, succinct! Great ending.

  2. We have purchased a water gun from amazon
    And my husband is on the look out for deer eating
    Our landscaping — he runs out in his bare feet and sprays
    At them. There is one deer there this morning — the others
    Have gotten the memo and are off munching tulips at someone
    Else’s place or gazing disdainfully at the lavender, which they
    Apparently despise. This deer faces off with my husband and his
    Absurd orange and green blaster. They stare at each other.
    A tiny bit of water startles the deer and she walks off a bit
    Like that guy did at the escalator in saks, when he tripped me
    And I called him on it, and he looked like he was going to hit
    Me but then thought better of it and threaten-walked away
    Muttering. The deer does that kind of enraged saunter, munching on a
    leaf of something
    That she managed to tear off before the water gun

    1. I can visualize Larry running out back, not quite dressed for outside, charging the deer with his "weapon". Great images Stephanie.

    2. I love this Stephanie. It reminds me of Steve Kowit's great poem about his wife.

  3. this moment
    between sleep
    and wakefulness

    I lie still
    within my

    in the dream
    not ready yet

    to approach
    so called

  4. i like this one. "so called reality" -- yup.

  5. I was watering
    my bougainvillea

    bush the other morning
    and a hummingbird floated by

    with a zig zag in its happy path
    floating beside my stream of water

    curving across as I held the stream
    with my thumb held at the end of the hose

    as still as I could stand, like a statue
    The bird floated and hovered

    in the sprinkling of spray
    I felt the moment put me

    closer to the natural world
    and may not ever happen

    to me in the same way again
    just as the moment passes

    will be forever remembered
    in a time of mindfulness

    1. Bougainvillea & hummingbirds, love them both. I love how you made it a unique moment in time, yet how it becomes permanently embedded in your memory.

    2. Thank-you, I wish you had been there to see it, water bouncing off of its chest as it dashed in and out taking a quick shower

    3. Your poems are tremendous Daryl. I really hope you join us for our readings!

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    5. zig zag in it happy path! That's so hummingbird. Love it.

  6. I Wanna Hit the Snooze

    I can't remember what I was dreaming
    I never can
    outside my dream, I can hear wind
    I always can
    the slow hum of the air conditioning
    it gets stuffy
    another sound joins the chorus
    it always does
    faint at first, then growing with intensity
    it never fails
    a calm plucking of strings and flowing water
    I startle easy
    I open my eyes and reach for the alarm
    I'm so groggy
    I stand up, stretch, crackle, and wake the dog
    she's not impressed
    together we stumble to the back door
    she's gotta pee
    I stand there a moment, taking in the morning air
    only a moment
    then she jumps on the couch and I get dressed
    time for work
    an hour later, I'm heading out the door
    keys in hand
    the comfort and security of my sleep long forgotten
    the day begins

  7. The distant drum of thunder
    reminds her of children now grown,
    who’d slither between sheets,
    (between them)
    lighting dark dawns with wide eyes
    and shrieks of terror and delight.

    Now the house is hushed
    like birdsong on rainy mornings,
    and the bed is empty
    (except she is still there).


    1. Wow, that's a bittersweet and beautiful poem!

  8. Milkweed

    How will the monarchs
    find the milkweed newly planted
    in the garden? Golden nymphs
    have found it and wallow
    in its leaves until I wash them off
    with peppermint soap. When
    will the monarchs find it?
    They found my friends’ milkweed
    and busily laid their eggs; my friends
    did not even know, not until
    the eggs opened into larvae
    which then hid themselves
    in cocoons that hung from slender
    green leaves. I will stop
    watching them, let the aphids
    eat the leaves and hope that eggs
    will arrive and turn into larvae.
    It’s the cocoons I want to see.
    I want to imagine velvety black
    heads and legs, vermillion wings
    folded like fans, the sleeping souls
    of once-squirming larvae about
    to waken into beauty and rise
    into the air above the fragrant garden,
    bathing, and being, in wonder.