Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28 -- When I am old, I will . . .


  1. Waves of goodness

    When I am old, I will...
    Be responsible
    for the oceans and the land
    I will put on a face without disgrace
    And the impossible will be at hand

    When I am old, I will...
    Tell, not be told
    About how we saved the world
    a ready place for the ways we face
    the turmoil of wars for oil

    When I am old, I will...
    Reach for the gold
    Though money may never come
    The more wealth I have in how I laugh
    is something one should become

    When I am old, I will...
    Be bold, taking courage to the limits
    Not shirking from working, not lurking
    But turning to the day to always live it
    You see, the time
    to share our hearts
    and bear our souls
    about how we live
    is in the way we grow and change
    to show by example and not give in

    When I am old... I will hope I am told
    I did everything I could to conquer
    the corruption and greed by planting the seed
    and sharing the deeds I am for
    You see, I'm for the sea, for the breeze, for the
    air we breathe. for the wildlife living
    for all of these give me happiness in my life
    as long as I am giving
    I wish I can change
    my own estranged ways against good will
    Life lived right, that's all I fight for
    When I am old, I will...

    1. I agree powerful and inspirational

  2. When I am old(er)

    I will know trees. I will walk on surprisingly liquid
    Joints (hips, knees, don’t forget ankles) and call
    Out their names. Not just pine, and oak and maple
    The subspecies like I know now that the deer
    I see are blacktailed deer which is a subcategory of the indigenous
    Whose name I have forgotten already, but I digress
    (I will digress less when I’m older, I hope I promise
    To myself), and perhaps I will even know when trees are
    Sick and need help like the pine tree I talk to on the side
    Of the house. It almost died last year, then didn’t die and now is
    Sort of quasi-gimpy but still it lives. I said to it “don’t die”
    A bunch of times and stroked its branches
    And told its neighbor “talk to him” (why him? Who knows)
    And I guess they did because they are still there, growing
    Taller even if gimpy looks a bit dead in places. But still
    There is the green. So when I am old(er) perhaps this
    Power will become amazingly strong and I’ll talk these
    Trees into life and they will talk to me and I will talk to
    You and that power of green talking will help me live with you for
    A very
    long strong time yet.

    1. You have a green thumb for poetry

    2. That's great. Really wonderful!

  3. When I was

    When I was five
    I wanted to be Wonderwoman
    When I was ten
    I wanted summer to last forever
    When I was fifteen
    I wanted to be a circus clown
    When I was twenty
    I wanted to be totally free
    When I was twenty five
    I wanted to be a good wife
    When I was thirty
    I wanted to be a chef
    When I was thirty five
    I wanted to write a book
    When I was forty....
    Well, I'm still writing
    When I'm forty five
    I hope to be published by then
    When I'm fifty
    I hope to finally become Wonderwoman

    1. Love this :)

    2. That's great. You are wonderwoman!

  4. I was asked what I will
    do when I am old
    I remember that poem …
    a wonderful sort of jag
    really about old age
    about a woman free to wear purple
    gobble up samples in shops
    and make up for a life of sobriety
    but I’ve always worn the colors I choose.
    I’ve ruined good shoes in the rain
    and picked flowers in other peoples gardens
    my entire life
    so I wont stop running my stick across public railings
    (it’s kind of a hobby of mine)
    but I will welcome her and
    join her in finding her new-found old-timey freedom
    after all
    what fun would old age be
    if you had to act respectable?—sr

    1. you said it. i'm already that woman gobbling up the samples!

    2. Absolutely! And that's a great hobby.

  5. I grasp the
    quiet sunset
    hold it in
    my palm

    whisper to
    the fading

    close my
    eyes recall
    the twinkle