Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29 -- The Sky Above


  1. Across a tangerine sky
    silver clouds appear
    then fade back
    into the night
    like memories

    1. that's a lovely one. i really like the controlled speech and the evocativeness of the last word.

    2. Yeah, that last metaphor is killer!

  2. Right now in Coupeville there’s blue peeking through
    Tall trees in patches. Before with coffee on the other side of the house
    it was all blue
    And white over still mirrored water. Before I moved
    West I only saw sky in daggered slivers
    Edged out by the skyscrapers, and a big expanse
    Scared me. Now I go to new york and love the
    Concrete canyons but soon they close
    In, and I want to break out and feel that
    Enormity — swim in that big sky again. In LA sometimes I go and stand on
    My front porch so I can see the sky darken over
    The El Royale Apartments. Mae West lived there,
    And so did a bunch of other stars so they could
    Be close to the studio, but I think they liked most
    Being in that bowl that is Los Angeles, just north of wilshire
    looking north
    And seeing the Hollywood Hills, and above all that
    Still — although it’s a big city — you can see so much

    1. I really love the tone. It's almost mournful, but I'm not sure why.

    2. Yes a wan tone a little Raymond Chandler-ee ;)

  3. Starry Night

    Footprints in the skies with the stars at night
    Only if you drive up from the city lights
    Up to the hilltops or the mountains and get a
    glimpse of the stars unless it is overcast
    then the cloud cover blocks the view
    The bluest skies I have ever saw were
    In Montana
    The stars come out at night
    But, for me I see, none
    But the grey
    The haze
    Maybe one
    The north star shining bright
    The sky above the earth below
    We are alone on this planet in space
    A world wobbling with grace
    for the space we see is
    As blue as the ocean
    as our place is here
    concentrating on living
    and sustaining
    so we keep looking to the sky
    a great system to fathom finite minds
    To understand we are a small planet
    With the air to breathe
    Only above us is the sky
    With clouds and breeze
    Like swells in the ocean
    surrounded by more clouds

  4. Heavens Haiku

    light peeks the hills
    my closed lids feel the heat
    facing eastern hills

    sweat clouds my eyes
    shade my eyes with my hand
    sweat mingled with dirt

    fish in the waves
    like shadows from western light
    I wait for darkness

    back to the cool sand
    counting endless specks of light
    the cycle ends

    1. That's really wonderful! Love the haiku stanzas.

    2. Thank you John. I always appreciate your kind words.

  5. A Moment With The Stars

    The ground radiated a gentle heat
    Blending seamlessly with the air
    Pulsing into my bare feet
    Soothing away my care

    The sky above was pitch
    No clouds to block the stars
    Their twinkle so bright, so rich
    Merging with Venus and Mars

    They all hung above me
    So close, yet impossible to grasp
    All was as it should be
    My throat slipped out a gasp

    I stretched out on the ground
    My eyes focused on the lights
    I never heard a single sound
    Once Heaven was in my sights

    Entranced by the night
    I felt my weight melt away
    My soul had taken flight
    Now everything was okay

    I meditated there a while
    Everything and nothing in my mind
    From life to death, from comfort to style
    No thought was left behind

    Gazing on the Cheshire moon
    I smiled back with peaceful glee
    Upon the rock that made oceans swoon
    And mesmerized children like me

    I finally sat up, then stood
    My flight with the universe done
    I snuck back inside, as quiet as I could
    Went to bed... and waited for the sun