Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10


  1. You drive me to new york from st. louis

    I don’t know how to pack for a car yet
    Because I don’t know how to drive
    And I’ve never driven this far before
    With a new lover — wait! That’s not
    True: there was that road trip from
    Geneva to Zagreb but all I remember
    About that was grey sky, cold I hadn’t
    Prepared for, and crushing disappointment with
    The exception of Venice which was gorgeous— but I’m
    Trying to write about you and how you
    Stuff my red sandals behind the front
    Seat and somehow slide the sheets
    Between the spare tire and the suitcases
    And what I remember is heat and
    All those sandwiches I made you, and how
    You smile every time I put one on your leg-
    It’s humid and flat and then we get to —
    I don’t know —Pennsylvania? — And the trees
    Bloom and I feel like I am finally free from
    The depressed midwest where I’d been so unhappy —
    It’s the one place where I just can’t seem to get anyone
    To talk to me — but
    Now I am escaping that arched city silence
    For the east coast where I am from and where
    You are from too though you live in this strange state
    Called California. I wonder about living there
    And think that might be cool, but now it’s time
    For another sandwich, as we listen to the very young
    But already sonorous Chaka Khan singing
    Prophetic although I don’t yet know it a song about

    1. Ah I love this. And I know the story behind it too, and I love that as well.

  2. First off, what is a road trip? describes it as “a journey via automobile, sometimes unplanned or impromptu; a journey involving sporting game(s) away from home.”

    My life has ripped me off! I have severely lacked in adventurous roadtrips! I never took one deliberately, the hit and miss kind where one relishes the hits, and doesn’t even consider the misses. Yet another addition to my bucket list.

    Now, I’ve had a few planned trips, and maybe that is more of a statement about my need for control. A few jaunts (pre-divorce) to Laughlin were fabulous. It took no time at all to get there, but on the way back time flowed like the surrounding desert fauna grew…painfully slow.

    In 2009 I moved back to California from Arkansas with four dogs and my daughter, Jasmin. About two-thirds the way across the country we hit a snowstorm. Both of us were dead tired, but we ran out of money for food or a hotel. The car was full of stuff so we couldn’t recline the seats of my Trailblazer. We parked at a twenty-four hour gas station in 4 degrees somewhere in New Mexico. I prayed we didn’t get hypothermia. Bundled in jackets and sweaters, my daughter had the only blanket, and I had the dogs lay on top of me to keep warm. They tried to escape my hold throughout the night, but I held onto them as if they were magic blankets protecting me during a scary movie.

    I made a couple of planned trips to Colorado to visit my youngest daughter and her boyfriend in the past couple of years, but my travel partner (ex-husband who is now my boyfriend) never seems interested in having any chance experiences on the way up or down. (Okay, there was that one time we stopped in Henderson, Nevada, on the way home and I hit a few hundred dollars at the Green Valley Casino, but we stopped only because said boyfriend was too tired to drive any further.)

    Now that this prompt has shown me how little fun I have on road trips (post-divorce) this August when we head up to Colorado to see our daughter again, I plan on infusing more fun and spontaneity in the journey, both north and southbound. I’m certain we won’t hit any snowstorms, but I’m really counting on the casino.

    1. Halfway there let your finger fall randomly on the map, and go there! I love road trips. My life would be a big one if I could figure out how to do it!

  3. Just Married

    We were not familiar with the area
    I reserved a place in Morro Bay
    Trying to find the motel 6 and not
    sure what exit to take off of the 101
    Fortunately I had the phone number
    to the motel in my wallet
    the only thing I think I did right
    figuring we were with limited
    direction and finances
    Now to find a phone
    Yes it was a road trip and our
    first time out since our marriage
    Yes, we were prepared, but, without
    a phone? Seemed archaic or even naivete
    Finally, we found a payphone from outside
    a bar and found out we were only one exit
    away from our turn off in finding the Motel 6
    Whet a relief to finally get there being it was
    passed midnight and the fog had rolled in
    making the weather wet and a little cold
    being so close to the ocean
    The next two days were seeing the coast
    Visiting Morro Rock and seeing all of the gulls
    We went up to Cambria on our way to the Hearst Castle
    Stopping along the way in the quaint town we walked the
    sidewalks and found a few trees with fresh fruit and picked
    them to eat as we walked along a creed to see a deer in the
    middle of the water doing something which looked like a deposit
    I picked up a few rocks and hid them in my pockets while we
    headed back to the car. It was magical with white and yellow
    butterflies fluttering passed us as we strolled along the grass
    Next stop, Hearst Castle
    Taking the tour and a lot of pictures
    I remember the curator would tell the
    people on tour that they were only standing on a 15th century
    Persian rug and the person would immediately return to the
    designated area
    We felt like we were seeing our new home
    imagining what it would be like to own such
    a renovated work of art with all the antiques
    and the priceless artifacts
    After the mansion tour
    We headed back home
    I felt the trip was something of a road-trip
    since it was spur of the moment, kind of
    like the way the wedding was, spontaneous
    We had good memories visiting the National
    Park and seeing the beautiful coast
    It was a fun trip
    Not knowing the area
    and just going
    Because, we were
    just married

    1. Ann and I did that for our honeymoon roadtrip except we didn't go to Hearst Castle!

  4. Datsun King Cab

    Did you know?
    There is about 12 inches of space
    behind the seats of a Datsun King Cab

    Did you know?
    There is just enough room for 2 kids
    behind the seats of a Datsun King Cab

    Did you know?
    0 amounts of air conditioning get
    behind the seats of a Datsun King Cab

    Did you know?
    Butts fall asleep 100% of the time
    behind the seats of a Datsun King Cab

    Did you know?
    A sister's dragon breath is 5X worse
    behind the seats of a Datsun King Cab

    Did you know?
    It sucks being stuck for 7 hours
    behind the seats of a Datsun King Cab

    Well, now you do.

    Did you know?

    1. Ps: disregard that last did you know. Stupid copy/paste

    2. We crossed America when we moved to Califonia in an un-airconditioned Gremlin! #stylin'

  5. Road Trip

    My brother John had been
    working out at Lake Havasu.
    I’ve always had good
    memories of the
    Colorado River, even
    though I almost lost
    a finger there when
    I was six.

    We took a boat trip
    around the lake. The best
    sights to see were Parker Dam
    and the London Bridge,
    yes, the London Bridge.

    I saw a little inlet,
    tree covered, serene,
    and to this day it
    is where I want to
    build a house escape
    from the world.

    I needed to get back
    being that I was there
    just for the weekend, and
    Lucinda, John’s girlfriend
    needed to get back home
    we drove back together.

    The wind was so hard
    driving home on the 10
    freeway we had to park
    and wait for the wind
    to die down.

    That peaceful cool
    cove has always been
    my vision of
    heaven on earth.

    1. I think that's all our vision of heaven man. Well drawn!

    2. Oh good, I won't be alone. ;)

  6. Was it a Road Trip?

    One of my earliest memories is being 4 years old.
    My mom and I had some Mexican neighbors that mostly spoke only Spanish.
    I was friends with the couple's children.
    Their family invited me to go out for a day and my mother said yes.
    All us kids were told to lay flat, heads down in the bed of the truck.
    This struck me as odd.
    But i did it.
    I remember being laid out like that for a very long time,
    hours maybe.
    Until I couldnt take it anymore and I raised my head to stretch it but also as a response to panic.
    The adults immediately screamed at me because a police car behind us immediately turned its siren on pulled us over. I looked around and all I could see were clay covered cliffs.
    I learned having passengers in the bed of the car was illegal.
    I was then hurriedly returned to my mom.
    I wonder to this day if that family was kidnapping me.