Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11


  1. Without a sigh

    Give me a butterfly fluttering through the sky
    Give me the last white rhino
    Give me the rain forest without a sigh
    Give me the tree frog
    give me the playful otter, give me clean
    oceans, land and air and clean water
    Give me trees and animals

    I don't want to die or leave
    without a radical solution
    Something to believe
    Stop pollution
    Stop the killing
    Stop the madness now
    Before we stop living
    to matter in this world somehow

    Give me politicians who seem to care if they live
    Without greed and corruption with wars
    and the room to forgive
    I want to have it all
    an ocean teeming with fish
    If this is acting selfish then
    Let it be my final wish
    Let me have global warming
    stop in it's tracks
    Let it be a noble warning
    We are all in this
    and for that

  2. Pinkies in the Woodpile

    Tiny squeaks
    coming from the woodpile
    I go to investigate...
    three pinkies!
    Race inside
    I need to get a shoebox
    but when I return...
    no pinkies!
    Nothing left
    in the safety of the woodpile
    except blood and a tail...
    dead pinkies!
    Very suspicious
    if the hunter was near the woodpile
    I know just what happened to...
    my pinkies!

  3. What lies beneath is weeds — they
    Hide underneath the healthy growth
    And at first promise leafy variance, then they grow
    Weird stalky flower shoots that dry out
    Almost instantly or worse they push out pretty
    Little green stars but in the center are seeds of doom
    That disperse when you pull them, and they become huge vines that
    choke everything—But wait — says my husband what’s the
    Between a weed and a plant? I don’t know I say
    I think that plants aren’t invasive and weeds are…
    Oh says my husband sort of like us in Iraq and
    Afghanistan. We’re the weeds — invasive and we
    Hide underneath saying “we just want to help you
    And then…. We don’t.”
    I put on my gloves and get out the hoe while he talks because this is getting
    And the fact is there’s a lot of gardening to do so I go
    Out and do it, but then I get
    Stumped right out in the front where the sewer line is. Is that
    new green
    Thing a weed or a tiny pine tree? I kneel on the ground
    Squinting waiting for the thing to grow and give me
    An organic clear answer that isn’t a mistake
    that ends up spreading more tiny errors that kill
    The whole living place.

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    2. I love how Larry makes us think.

    3. I love the notion of a weed as something that produces tiny errors. We hate weeds because they persist, don't easily die, like finicky roses or hostas which are devoured like dessert by slugs. Maybe we are jealous of them and thus why we work so hard to eradicate them.

    4. I love the turn this takes in the middle.

  4. the distant
    of the soul

    the essence
    of who I am

    peeking from below

    1. i like these brief and spare pieces that you're doing.

    2. Thank you Stephanie. For some reason this month is more challenging. After I get over the frustration I'm thankful that it stops being too easy.

    3. Wow, you took that in a completely different direction!

    4. Wow, you took that in a completely different direction!

  5. You know that voice that tells you the truth about somebody but you don't want to hear it.
    When your heart murmursvto your heart but you cannot bear that to be reality.
    So you ignore it
    And ignore it.
    While entertaining the ideas you want to think about
    And entertain them...
    Entertaining yourself.
    At these moments we may be seeing the caves inside ourselves
    And the caves inside others, possibly.