Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13


  1. Second Date

    she sat on
    the bar stool
    nodded to
    the bartender

    the beer mug
    slid to her
    open palm

    a red line
    drifted down
    the wet glass

    she sucked
    her palm

    a slight smile
    crossed her lips
    as she tasted
    the sweet blood

    she scanned
    the bar, her eyes
    fell on him —
    a wolf on the prowl

    as he closed the
    door to his Ferrari
    she slid her finger
    down the blade
    strapped to her leg

    now exposed in
    the slit of her
    slinky black dress

    shivering with
    pleasure from
    the pain

    1. this is a sequel to a poem I wrote for Lummox Press (called First Date).

    2. Oh she is scary alright. Just the kind of girl I wouldn't want to date. Although I would enjoy the Ferrari...until I was dead anyway.

    3. yea, I didn't think I would revisit her. Maybe she will get some more story.

    4. Yeah you really captured something here!

  2. Startle

    A bee that circles around you no matter where you walk
    Threatening but never stinging
    At least not yet.
    Something rustling in the underbrush of the salal
    The intermittent whining of eagles.
    Just past your line of vision
    Something jumps in then out
    At night a low lumpy shadow creature in the high beams of the car
    Lumbers away without your having any idea
    What that thing was.

    1. Ha! So many scary things in this. I like the contrast of "low" and "high in the third to the last line.

    2. That was us last night in the forest. Really captured that feeling!

  3. nice one. the anticipation can be worse.

  4. What is it?
    That noise
    In the dark?
    That wheeling sound?
    coming our way
    It is pitch black
    out here
    No one should be
    out here!!
    at this time of night
    We only went on a midnight
    walk and there sounds like
    an electric something
    coming up the hill
    There it stopped
    listen for it
    There it's coming!!
    If it is just a cart or a wheelchair
    or something, why are there no lights?
    It is pitch dark out here
    and nobody is around
    I'm getting the creeps
    Let's get out of here
    run, let's go, run

    1. That's great man. Friggin' creepy!!

    2. We thought it was a mechanical monster in our terrified minds

  5. A Pity Party in Haiku

    Rejected again
    What if my worst fear comes true?
    No publication

    1. a terrible fear. great to encapsulate it so neatly.

    2. What we all feel with every rejection!

    3. Yes, great. Even after you get published the rejections still sting.

    4. There is hope for the writer who is published
      If one needs the feeling of encouragement

  6. BOOM!
    No, this is not about some vintage comic.
    Not mimicking that.
    In Long Beach,
    where I lived for almost 2 years,
    every evening I'd hear those sounds.
    Those sounds would go off about 5 times.
    Then a few minutes later,
    the sounds would occur again.
    Every night,
    And no one would ever call the cops.
    I still dont know whether they were gun shots,
    like someone practicing
    or fireworks,
    or something else even.
    Have no idea.
    Neither did anyone else.