Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14


  1. The Golf Game

    My golf game relies on a shot straight and true
    to hit the ball far and to pitch and putt into

    The hole we are so frustrated at times
    to find the patients in the design

    Of the course, a beauty we are truly intrigued by
    with lakes, and green grass, and wildlife running

    Freely around to easily put my mind at ease and at peace
    With the green grass as a relaxing color and is exactly what

    The golfer needs to put the nerves at rest
    and the setting may be a test

    As the truest and the most beautiful
    places I've ever seen

    With oaks and trees with eagles and the breeze
    and the squirrels chattering and the egrets flying by

    As you concentrate after relaxing by the pools of water
    and the landscape being so exotic

    The golf course is the place
    I would like to play while walking

  2. Crystal Lake

    Lundy Lake was
    a nice campground
    we visited when
    I was ten

    we learned the
    history of the
    area. Chinese
    miners climbed up
    a trail, so we
    climbed the
    same trail

    up the trail was
    this beautiful
    hidden valley
    with two lakes
    and an old

    I can still see
    the idyllic little lake
    clear as crystal

  3. Hidden

    Hidden in woodlands of Avila Beach
    Is a secret garden
    Where people go to rest
    Tucked in amonst the sycamore trees
    Is a quiet plot of relaxation
    Where people go to recover
    Nestled up against the rolling hills
    Are steaming pools of spring water
    Where people go heal
    Hidden in the woodlands of Avila Beach
    Is a paradise for the weary
    Where people go to get away

  4. A Jewel to Me

    Its not a constant place
    It is a place you create with the person
    you're in love, lust, and like with.
    Going completely under the covers
    With the One
    Using a small light to illuminate faces and bodies
    Kissing and touching in an endless-like moment.