Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 15

Tomorrow if you are near Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, we'll have a poetry reading featuring John and Connie Hales at Beetle Rock Center near the Giant Forest Museum starting at 6pm. There will be an open mic as well! Come on down and bring a poem.


  1. Like The Dell

    They call it the concrete jungle for a reason. The city engulfs us with buildings and streets, with sidewalks and surrounds us with cars spewing emissions enough to choke a gopher from out of his tunnels and holes.
    There was one time I was caught up in this mess. The time was surprising since I was with a good friend, who was well respected and intelligent, with the kind of respect where you know that wisdom we always prevail and the potential for danger in the jungle we call the city seems remote.
    We were at a street festival where the musicians and bands were on stages throughout a three black radius blocked off from traffic in the middle of the city inside Los Angeles, to accommodate the event. Excitedly we arrived and got out of the van since my friend was in a wheel chair and needed the ramp to get in and out and have access. The event was in full swing when we arrived being mid afternoon. Hurrying through the crowd in full anticipation to hear the rock, reggae and other instrumental music we proceeded to enjoy ourselves for the hearing the sounds in the air as we parked the van and got out to the event.
    After the concerts, we were there until it was nearly over, and went back expecting to get in the van and go home. To our amazement, when we got to the parking lot we found not a single car in it. The store or business had everybody towed as we found ourselves stuck in the middle of the city without transportation. My friend had come to this annual event a few times before and never had his van towed off the lot.
    We were now in shock, standing in the middle of an empty parking lot which was previously full of cars. Either the van was stolen and everyone had gone or the store took the opportunity to tow the few stragglers. The store though it was there time to go into action and right before the event ended started towing. We were contemplating calling for help, but not having a cell phone, at the time not needing one or thinking to have one, made us really feel alone. Fortunately a police car came into the lot and looked us over. We were telling them that our van was towed and that we needed help to get home. They pointed to a small sign on the building where we were parked that read “all cars will be towed after ten o’clock P.M. They thought our situation was a little humorous and couldn’t help but to smirk and chuckle under there breath, telling us the business had every right to tow us off of the property, forcing us to make our way to the bus stop.

  2. The bus came eventually as we got on not knowing where we were going or what we were going to do. All we knew is that we were pedestrians looking for a sanctuary and a little help to find our way home. The line was taking us into the heart of the city, as I was talking a mile a minute not knowing where we were to get off, as I said out loud, “we are lost.” I was over heard by a man who came over to where I was sitting on the bus and said, “I overheard you saying that you two are lost, and I was wondering if you should get off before you go into the deep part of the city?” I said to him we were going to go the bus stop going east and he suggested we get off before 5th Ave. comes up.
    We got off at the next stop as the man called his wife to tell her he was helping two guys get to where they were going and needed to be with them and would be a little late coming home. While walking us to the next bus stop a few city blocks away. He told us there would have been a slight chance some thug would mess with us seeing only me and a man in a wheel chair, but with all three of us we had a chance they wouldn’t bother us.
    I took his word to heart and continued to follow him until we were almos there and a person appeared a block away and stared at us for which seemed like a couple of minutes and then walked on. So the Good Samaritan was correct with his street knowledge as we proceeded to our stop. After a block we departed from our guide and made it to the Union Station, where we waited in safety to get on the bus back home.
    It was a trip we wouldn’t forget and would never want to repeat the way we were stranded in the middle of the city passed mid night. The kind man was like a bird in the midst of the bus ride and the bus was like a temporary place of peace inside the city.
    I remember a time when my friend and I went to visit a dell inside the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. It was green and alive with plants and foliage where you would least think some nature to be. The dell in the center of the madness was like the bus we took to catch our breath a the Good Samaritan was like a blue bird that happened along the way as it would be inside of the dell, seeing some bird fly by and land just when you least expect it. What a sight to see, like a sense of wildlife in the green lush that happened to sit on my shoulder and sing me a tune of compassion and safety in our anxious moment of isolation and fear inside bus, feeling like the dell.

  3. I wish I could go to your reading tomorrow. Say hi to Connie for me (if she remembers me).

  4. Lemons

    I bought some lemons at a farmer's market
    and did what people do with lemons

    I peeled them
    I juiced them
    I planed them
    I ate them

    I saved the seeds from the lemons I bought
    and did what people do with seeds

    I dried them
    I planted them
    I watered them
    I waited

    I got twelve seedlings from those lemon seeds
    they did what seedlings usually do

    Some lived
    some died
    some tall
    some wide

    I ended up with one lone lemon tree
    and it's doing what lemon trees do

    It blooms
    It fruits
    it grows
    it shades

    1. That's really a beautiful nature poem Molly!

    2. That one lone tree is living the dream in my mom's backyard ♡

  5. Late Date

    you can see
    the swing
    in her hips

    in the toe
    in the wet
    swampy grass

    the heels
    from her
    black high heels
    barely stabbing
    the soil

    she stands still
    and straight

    as straight
    as her curves
    will allow

    her tall frame
    towering above
    the mound of
    earth at
    her feet

    the mound of
    earth seems
    to shimmer
    and shake

    a closer look
    reveals a
    host of
    crawling and
    creeping over
    the body

    she stabs
    the eye
    with her

    pulling out
    a squirmy

    then lays
    the point
    in her

    1. That was a creepy/fantastic poem man!

    2. When you said to be part of nature I naturally thought of death and decay, which led me to thinking of my 'friend'.

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    4. I love your "friend"

  6. Only Easier

    In summer I sit at the outdoor table
    amid flowering plants and buzzing insects.
    Eyes closed I hear the rapid hum
    of dragonfly and hummingbird wing,
    the chatter of crow, sparrow, starling.
    Pine needles litter the ground around me
    and the table. I gaze into the heights
    of the pine where the morning breeze
    moves gently. But for the freeway growl
    in the near distance I could be sitting
    on a bench at a campsite; the trees
    would all be pines, the birds would be jays,
    and I would not have to go into the kitchen
    to get another cup of coffee, thinking
    This is just like camping only easier.


    1. That's great. We were just talking about you Tamara, thinking of the camping trip last year!

  7. Smashing Pumpkins

    By my Dad's house there was a huge square empty field,
    that led to a narrow field that ran along a hearty length of the 60 freeway.
    Curious, I walked through it one day.
    I went to explore the slight field.
    Filled with tall grasses and a cloud of fear,
    I could only go so far.
    Good thing I was wearing my Docs.
    This place was so pretty, so rural, so secret.
    The lengths city folk go to to be in nature....
    I returned to the larger field and sat upon a broken piece of tree.
    The time was dusk, the color was lovely.
    All of a sudden, three children appeared and proceeded to play around me.
    "Are you on drugs?" One asked.
    "No," I replied. It was the truth.
    I wasn't under the influence.
    They continued to play in the ditch.
    I guess it was their hangout, spot or hiding place.
    I decided to leave before anyone saw me and thought something weird.
    I was 17.