Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16

Come on by today for a reading with open mic featuring the great Connie and John Hales and you! 6pm at Beetle Rock Center!


  1. A new guest at the Fish & Game Inn

    He didn't want to forage
    He wasn't gonna fish
    He didn't want to dig
    That was not his wish

    He wandered down the mountain
    He traveled far and wide
    He wandered into downtown
    Without hitching a ride

    The people started crying
    The people were afraid
    The people started calling
    The bear would not be swayed

    They had to come and get him
    They had to move the beast
    They had to come remove him
    To say the very least

    They kept him in a red cage
    They held him for a day
    They kept him safe from danger
    Then moved him far away

    I wonder what he's doing
    Where he is and where he's been
    I wonder if that bear remembers
    His night at the Fish & Game Inn

    1. I love the structure that you've set up for this poem. Really strong and interesting!!

  2. Beyond Dreams

    He told me a story he could not have made up
    This kind of tale seemed to real to be beyond dreams of imagination
    My friend told me he had a bear encounter when he was with a friend
    Going fishing with a ferocious bear. The black bear happened along their
    trail with her two cubs. After he saw the cubs he knew the mother couldn't
    be far away, and as it happened, he was right. The mother was coming after
    him only after he realizing he was between the mother and her cubs. It was a
    run for his life while the bear had charged him,, and he ran into a rusted out car
    I had a hard time believing the story until he told me how he got away. He had to think fast and went into the car which was flipped over and had a large trunk for that model of car which he then climbed back into and was in the furthest corner of the back of the car. The bear didn't stop there and was reaching as far as it could swipe, coming inches away from his face with the claws of the mad bear. I thought could this be real? Then, he told me he would never want to be seeing another bear again. And then, I said the bear could snap your head off with one hit from its paw like snapping a stick, breaking your neck. I guess one close encounter is one too many, and his story, made me think he
    might be telling me the truth. Something that unbelievable has to be true. The fact something like that could not be made up being beyond imagination.

    1. Something that unbelievable must be true! Classic line and observation! Good poem too!

  3. I’ve always loved Los Angeles. I was born in downtown LA. My first job was in downtown LA just a few blocks from where I was born, I worked in the same building as my Mom, and when she worked late I would walk to the mall at the twin towers to go to the book store. I love the walk.
    “Hey, what are you doing here in LA?” The Momma bear with her three bears is in my way. I’ll have to walk around the block to get to the bookstore.
    I used to take the Blue Line to downtown LA, then take a bus on Wilshire when I went to computer school in the 90s. I remember taking the long escalator up to the street.
    Oh no, Momma bear is on the stairs swiping at the escalator passengers, as her cubs roll around on the stairs. I’ll take the elevator.
    I took the Blue Line again when I was going to a bar in LA on the 20th anniversary of Charles Bukowski's death. It was a long walk on LA Streets.
    Yikes, there’s Momma bear again. I guess this time she needs a bear hug.

    1. That's great man. I love the fantasy of it!

    2. I wanted to put the bear in the city. I enjoyed mixing fantasy with reality.

  4. Bears eat berries bearing the sour taste .