Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17


  1. Cowboys & Indians

    little plastic
    cowboys and indians
    one inch tall

    a small tabletop
    low to the floor

    standing staggered
    on their sides

    the battle is on

    they all die

    I don’t take sides

    I sing a
    glorious song
    to honor
    the dead

    1. That's wonderful man. That's a really strong one. Made me smile and laugh in Starbucks.

  2. Living a Fantasy

    It is a fantasy of mine
    to sing in the lime light
    To have made my mark
    and tell you what my life is like
    Through what I have to say, what my day is all about
    You and I as we try to make lovely music come out
    I come alive in this fantasy I dream and
    Without you is a lie
    As I rock and roll and sing
    All about you as I try
    From the heart to star
    with you and impart
    everything we are
    The drum beats slowly as you are the only
    Somber fonder beat
    Making it all the more fantasy for me
    As I get up on stage and start to sing the rhythm and blues
    My baby’s gone away and I don’t know what to do
    But I cry like a river until the tears are all gone
    As they have dried up giving everything to one
    I know is with me from here until the end
    And beyond this life as we live as spiritual friends
    I need you with me and always by my side
    With the strumming of the six string and my foolish pride
    I want to have it all
    A denim jacket and a sixty seven
    If I was to get them back from when I was seven
    teen years old and a little bit of a drinker
    Having my dog Brandy and a Marlboro singer
    And a writer and a fighter
    No, not a fighter, but a lover
    One with compassion
    And a love for one another
    I hear the tambourine ringing soft and low
    I feel the percussion pounding out my soul
    I want the song to sing every thing I am
    A man with a dream and a fantasy I can
    Display in a poem, in my song, as I write to sing your dreams
    and bring the things we want to have in life like a record scene
    or an album, or a contract and in fact a prestigious agent
    As I whisk away in my Chevrolet and act as though I’ve made it
    I’m a rock and roll singer in a small kind of band
    One who writes and one who likes to fantasize and land
    Back on stage on a different page and a life that’s made to dream
    I’m a rock and roll singer with a thousand fans that scream
    I want my denim jacket and my lady, brandy dog
    And my 67 fastback, yes, I want it all
    I want back my youth and the truth is mamma dear
    I want my life to live with love; I want it filled with cheer
    With my car and my dog as I’m living in a dream
    I want to star and have it all, living a fantasy

    1. This is a solid poem, and I have to say man, you really have been producing some top notch work!

  3. The Rock Museum

    The truck dropped off four mountains of rock
    For construction
    They sat unused for most of the summer
    Just waiting
    There were many colors and sizes of rock
    All shapes
    I stacked fabulous structures and designs
    In rock
    Treating each piece like an art exhibit
    My art
    I mapped out trails that weaved through the piles
    Like a museum
    Then conducted make believe tours of my masterpieces
    No camera's!
    Then one day my rock museum was gone
    Just disappeared
    Workman had come and turned it into an office
    Oh well...

    1. The only thing I'd change here is to eliminated that "oh well" and make the last line "into an office." You've set the poem up really well so we'll feel that.

  4. Houses in the Hills

    Growing up everyone dreams about being more wealthy, and having the mansions, pools, cars and hotties.
    I believe people also worry about becoming more poor, deprived and neglected.
    I'm not sure.
    Maybe as an instinctual way of finding comfort in ones lifestyle as well as identifying discomfort.
    Despite those normal thoughts,
    I had an odd obsession
    concerning an ideal lifestyle.
    Whenever I was in the car with family
    and we were on the freeway,
    I would stare out at the hills
    to where there were crevices.
    In the crevices
    there were trees and lots of green.
    For some reason, I'd imagine
    setting up house in those areas.
    It's like my eyes recognized
    perfect "real estate"
    and I couldnt get away from how safe
    those areas seemed and so carefree.