Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18


  1. Morning Date

    the bush shakes
    the morning dew
    shimmers as
    it falls, shining
    in the sun

    she stops
    in the path

    her long
    black hair
    from her eyes

    pulls her

    slips them
    into the
    black bra strap

    crouches down
    to the bush

    brown down eyes
    stare up at her

    struggles in
    the bush

    the doe shakes

    she pulls
    the blade
    from the
    sheath strapped
    to her thigh

    slowly brings
    the blade
    firm in
    her grip
    to the bush

    the doe shakes

    she smiles

    swiftly she
    swipes down

    the doe
    runs free

    she smiles

    1. I thought that was going to end differently and I like the break of my expectation!

    2. Couldn't hurt the doe. I'm glad the deception worked.

  2. Replies
    1. I thought "brown down eyes" meant soft eyes, like duck down! Good story.

    2. Yes, and sometimes the mistake works.

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  3. Sunrise Surprise

    Raindrops from your eyes
    Like tears falling from the skies
    As you are arriving at the sunrise surprise
    Warming your heart with love
    Nobody noticed in you because
    Of fear appearing from your tear inside
    Your heart making pain explain from the start
    Like the rain became your position
    And the sun was not among your decision
    To love within after hurting was your
    Condition again and again
    Raining down on your head
    with clouds surrounding
    Not allowing your smile to ascend
    from the fear to steer clear and end
    descending into the clouds pretending
    you are not allowed into the sunrise
    Making your mood from subdued to
    realize the rain makes the pain similar
    to the raindrops falling from your eyes
    and the tears from the skies
    Comforting your imposition to the suns
    position like a friend with one condition
    To dry the pain and your disposition of rain

    1. Great poem man. I agree wit Carole. It does feel almost like rap.

  4. Sounds like a good "rap" verse. I can't write like this, but I enjoy the rhythm. I like the last line the most.

  5. Overcast.
    Closed pier due to
    Impending lightning storms.
    We eat fish tacos
    Await the rain and a
    Live band plays on.
    We walk past children
    Screaming as sandcrabs
    Tickle their palms.
    Gulls descend and
    Vie for unattended
    Doritos bags and the
    Damn tourists
    Complain about the weather.
    In response,
    Winds shift
    Humid air cools,
    Lightning strikes
    Further down the coast.
    Heaven snaps a
    Candid photo of
    Gaping mouths and
    Eyes wider than a
    Pelican’s wingspan.
    Seabirds are silenced
    Tourists stop
    Walking their dogs
    Children are muted.
    Up and down the beach
    Nature holds
    Our attention,
    Our voices.
    Thunder erupts and
    Onlookers stand in
    Wondrous appreciation
    Until children scream
    Gulls squawk and the
    One second of silence
    Is over.

    1. This is really well done. I love the specificity of details especially the fish tacos. THat makes it so real for me.

  6. Rolled In

    It was sunny and warm
    Blue and clear
    A picture perfect summer day
    Then the clouds rolled in
    The air began to thicken
    Dense and sticky
    Smelling of dampness
    Then the thunder rolled in
    The sky began to rattle
    Booming and heavy
    The drums of heaven
    Then the lightning rolled in
    Pinstripes of light
    Zig zag the blackness
    Charging the air
    Then the rain rolled in
    Bloated drops of water
    Bombing the earth
    Pooling in just moments
    Then it was gone

    1. Wonderful Molly. "Bloated drops of water bombing the earth."