Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19


  1. in darkness
    my mind attempts

  2. found a bug
    with many legs
    didn't count them

  3. I have to say, you do Tom Thomas poetry like no one else!

  4. At Last

    My moment is here
    All my prayers have been answered
    Finally my turn

  5. By the way, a haiku (or senryu) doesn't have to be 17 syllables, as I was reminded by the amazing haiku poet Deborah Kolodji.

    1. I didn't know that. But, I like the challenge that comes with the restrictions

    2. I've been teaching them without that restriction. Sometimes I just call tem something else!

    3. Right, although I do like the structure of the restriction. At first I wrote them as 5-7-3, but kept mostly to the structure.

      Check out John Stevenson. He is a master haiku poet, and he has very short lines, so does Deborah.

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  6. Moment In Time

    You are the one
    I am stuck on you
    Nobody will ever be
    as beautiful as what I see
    in you
    You are the dream of dreams
    The captivating movie
    The book you can't put down
    The addiction that is hard to quit
    The love potion I have to drink
    Making my heart beat true
    Making my body want more
    Making my mind go crazy
    without you
    I am intrigued by your mystery
    I wonder how many men adore
    you as we walk along
    I catch my eye watching you
    as if I want to possess you
    I know I can't have you this way
    'When you need freedom
    and without control
    You need room to breathe
    and you want things like love
    which is all I have and I give
    this to you every day of my breathing
    Two hearts beating like the song in the air
    and the words we can relate to without confusion
    of the electricity from the guitar strings
    as we sing the melody we know how to
    believe in now
    and receive the music as a gift
    to keep us loving and uplift our moods
    through our spirit and heart and devotion
    as we are forever
    like the sun and moon
    like the song and the chorus
    Like the parties of our youth
    when we were wild
    like trees in the forest
    as the deer wanders in and
    the bear forages for food
    and the fish swim
    as the air is in a breath
    as we take a moment
    in time to reflect
    on our lives