Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20


  1. Our Moment in Time

    our memories are
    ours alone, our
    own moment in time

    two young teens
    in the grass
    on a blanket

    talking at your
    apartment complex
    our motives the same

    our understanding
    miles apart
    years away

    you talk about
    french kissing
    I know what it is

    years later awake
    to your motive
    too late to react

    1. That is a different kind of poem for you Tom. I like it. Calm. Meditative.

    2. Thank you John. One of my goals in writing is to be different. I always want to risk failure in change and unease in the comfort level of my writing.

      This was pretty much as it was. I have always been very slow at reading hints and innuendo.

  2. It was a muggy afternoon
    and the air was thick with sweat
    The Angels were playing the
    double header
    Because of the rain out the night
    before with thunderstorms
    As I am eating watermelon
    Watching the first game
    on the television
    with the door wide open
    and the fan blowing
    A white butterfly came inside
    and started fluttering around
    A good sign as I watched it land
    on my screen trying to get out
    After awhile of watching it sit
    I rescued it by cupping my hands
    around it gently, feeling the wings
    fluttering inside my palms
    I released it outside to watch it
    fly freely away
    Feeling good that I was
    able to help the butterfly out
    And feeling like it was happy
    to be set outside flying away

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  5. Footprints

    I affect everything I touch
    I change the world with every breath
    I leave a lasting impression
    a footprint
    in history

    I sway opinion with every glance
    I make people feel when I am near
    I force others to choose
    a footprint
    on the heart

    I cause stress with my ignorance
    I hurt feelings with my anger
    I make those around me nervous
    a footprint
    In memory

    I teach small ones with my wisdom
    I lead weak ones with my courage
    I change perceptions
    a footprint
    in the mind

    I bless when I smile
    I curse when I frown
    I humble and am humbled
    a footprint
    on humanity

    I am you
    I am everyone
    I am no one
    a footprint
    in time

    1. I really love your repetition. Have you ever tried the villanelle? I think you'd like it.