Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22


  1. Mountains in Heaven

    These peaks that line the sky
    terrain the angels tread
    cotton snow, a mile high

    Drifts on which souls lie
    after they're long since dead
    they watch the time pass by

    The coolness of the air is nigh
    billowing puffs that fill the head
    cotton snow, a mile high

    Welling tears in the eye
    their beauty conquers fear and dread
    they watch the time pass by

    Their strength shall never die
    muscles woven of ancient thread
    cotton snow, a mile high

    These billowing hills are dry
    yet soft as fresh baked bread
    they watch the time pass by
    these peaks that line the sky

    1. Wow, you did a villanelle! A good one too. When you set your mind to something, you really accomplish it!

    2. I LOVED IT!! I love patterns, restrictions and structure. I will be doing this again :)


  2. Celestial Dance

    The heavens
    filled with stars
    worn as diamonds
    of luxury
    like a shining sun
    being a hope diamond
    And the lady swings her hips
    of the milky way and smiles
    like the super nova
    shades her eyes with the
    Aurora Boreaius
    As her solar system
    replies to his advances
    drawing him closer in with
    gravity and her charms
    of rotation and moons as
    she sings with the sun
    and the stars adorning
    her face with jewels and
    the diamonds of stars as
    her eyes shine bright as a smile
    and flame explode with
    black holes reflecting her moods
    as the earth shakes in the universe
    as the galaxy is theirs
    in the eyes of her dynamic charm
    and the planets rotate around her as
    they dance in each others arms
    creating a new system of grace
    expanding with energy and space
    as he embraces her and chases
    her with the expanding romance
    forever in the celestial dance

    1. LOve this man. The dance metaphor is really working!

  3. The Stars

    the stars
    the stars
    they’ve been
    with us
    for millennia

    look there’s
    a goat
    an archer
    the gods
    are in
    the stars

    the stars
    taught us
    crazy math

    angles, arcs
    they’ve proved
    our place
    in the universe

    made us small

    the stars
    the stars
    they’re the
    stuff of all
    our dreams

    we’ve traveled
    the galaxies
    and beyond

    created and
    destroyed planets

    let me snatch them
    from the sky

    swallow them


    1. Ha! They've been screwing us for years! Fantastic!

    2. I'm trying to figure out how that statement fits with the rest of the poem, but I don't mind a little BS mystery. Besides, some of the best poems have apparent contradictions in them. I'm sticking with that explanation.

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