Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23


  1. The disappearing bee

    The honey bee
    landed on me
    Because he
    wanted to hitch a ride
    as I walked along the trail
    The honey bee asked me
    Where has the other bees
    all gone?
    as he trailed
    I answered him I think
    it strange
    The friends of his have
    all changed and left him
    by his lonesome estranged
    as he has failed to follow his
    brother bee
    so I asked him how could
    this be? He being the only bee?
    along the lonely trail?
    He said because he is resilient
    and nothing can keep him
    from being brilliant on the flower
    in the field as he went and pollinated
    without fail
    The bee as a hitch hiker
    told me he was with the likelier
    fellows who could tell
    whether it is unhealthier
    to be a bee as he escaped
    the adversity even if it claimed
    without mercy
    his other brothers
    as he cursed me
    for killing off the species
    I tried to explain this
    was not my plan but part
    of my pain to see the bee
    and not understand
    But at last I feel it was
    the ways of man who killed
    the bees through his own
    and without a solution will
    die in the sad conclusion
    we killed the bee just the same as we

    1.    Nice, I like your hypothesis.

    2. That's great man. A beautiful bit of surrealism!

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  3. Who?

    Who plucks on the string
    that makes the bird sing
    who's fine brush strokes
    paint the butterfly wing

    What force is out there
    that propels the wild hare
    who's lullaby will hypnotize
    the hibernating bear

    Who fills the lakes with fowl
    who gives voice to the hoot owl
    what pair of hands made
    the raccoon's mask & cowl

    Where did people learn to dream
    to love, to hate, to give and to scheme
    to convert the sour grapes to wine
    or get butter from the sweetest cream

    What makes the white rapids roar
    how do eagles catch the wind and soar
    who puffs the thick black smoke
    and sends up lava from our very core

    Who's in charge of this feral land
    is it motjer nature's guiding hand
    what path do we take when we are lost
    just follow the footprints in the sand

    1. I like the rhyme. It would fit nicely in the book of Job, especially since it is one of the poetry books.

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    3. I like that comment Tom! Yeah, and Molly, great expression of your faith!

  4. I

       am the young woman
    walking by my house
    wondering if

       can find
    some place safe
    to sleep

    not get raped

       am the old
    man losing my mind
    my house of
    fifty years

       am moving
    into a strange
    place with just
    a bed and window

       am holding
    this stark white
    sheet of paper
    the only words
       see are
    terminal and cancer

    today   can
    count the days
    until it doesn’t

       am you
    are me

    we are one

    and your pain

    shivers me

    1. The truth is scary. This piece really makes you sit up and face the fears of our lives. I love the way you organized it. Well done

    2. Thanks Molly. The formatting was important to me for the poem, and I wasn't sure if it would work. I was hoping my trick would work.

    3. Yeah, once again, you're really stretching your style man! Great and well done!