Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24


  1. Your brain

    it’s not right
    broken, you

    turn in to

    and should
    we wonder



    in wonder

    revel in
    the beauty

    that is


    1. That's a really beautiful poem man. Very simple a couple of words do it!

  2. Getting Through the residual

    What could have happened to me?
    I was once a happy lad
    Before being only a kid
    With a good upbringing
    And a positive regard
    Nobody crossed my path
    Until I was about thirteen
    Then a crisis happened
    Uprooted from where I was living
    And nothing seemed the same again
    I came back from where I had been
    With my dad, walking on egg shells
    Just to not make him mad
    I did good in school
    Found a few friends
    Played football and golf
    Even had a trampoline!
    And was in a good mood
    Most of the time
    When I decided to extend my
    Stay, living with dad for four years
    And was never the same
    Was it adulthood?
    That had changed me?
    From that go lucky frame of mind
    Was it drinking and smoking dope?
    That had changed me over time
    Was it the fact I came and went back
    to visit my mom again and again
    Was it the uprooting from when I was
    thirteen that changed me forever and losing
    my friends?
    They both wanted the best
    for me, my parents
    being divorced
    Hating each other
    being a brother
    without a family
    I wanted to be a part
    I needed to be whole
    Being between two families
    And never calling one home
    This is why I never was feeling accepted
    Or secure, I was in limbo, a puppet
    For lack of a better word
    I was in a disease
    A real severe depression
    I wanted to let it out and grieve
    But could not express it
    I was a boy needing to be a man
    Now that I am, it is no wonder I changed
    my plans, it was forced upon me
    And was an imposition
    It was making a life changing personal decision

    1. That's a great poem Daryl. You really have the ability to reveal yourself and it touches me deeply when you do.

  3. To have consequences with the choices I made
    Personality was my voice
    and identity was the same
    I was surviving the times
    I was a pawn on the board
    I was shuffled through the deck
    I was kicked out and I was more
    my feathers were ruffled
    and yet,
    I was let loose through mother goose
    and held accountable through father time
    I am my own man now
    and my mind isn't in the clouds
    And my spirit is doing fine
    Whet happened to me?
    All's I can say is
    I changed for the better
    I can be responsible
    from dad's perspective
    and can be loving and unfettered
    Like my mom, she always was a rebel
    at heart
    The two could not be together
    And it broke me apart
    Now I'm almost fifty five
    years old
    A senior citizen
    And I still am young
    not old I'm getting through the residual
    Through the pain of my youth
    I have got through the shame
    and the abuse
    But now, truly I can say
    I am known to be on my own
    and I am still alive today
    I think I have come home

  4. Forrest of Gutters

    A worn and leathered face
    Imprinted with deep lines
    Sad and tired eyes
    Buried in that face
    A lean and frail frame
    Slumped by poverty
    Shallow and withered limbs
    Hanging like string
    A grim and piercing stare
    Filled with silent nightmares
    Too much street cred
    And too little charity
    A faded cardboard sign
    Misspelled pleas for relief
    Crushed by calloused hands
    And faded by the seasons
    Creaking clang of wheels
    The crinkle of plastic bags
    Stinking of a rotted life
    With the slightest hint of hope

    1. I love "too much street cred." And I love this poem!