Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25

On August 1 at 6pm, I'm going to host a live class / chat about publishing. Come on and join in. It's going to be a lot of fun. We'll have publishers and writers there to talk about it in general and to give you help specifically on your work, so have some to send to us during the conversation. It will be from 6-10, but you can come and go as you like! Hope to see you there!


  1. I will be involved with the live chat. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

  2. inside out

    I like
    take a walk alone

    but even then
    I am traveling
    inside my head

    I can explore
    the wider world
    with my eyes

    looking in
    focused on
    the outside world

    from the inside
    a much
    larger world

  3. The Natural

    The master weaver
    The spider and her web
    Is the most intriguing
    of the tapestries
    Using her legs
    to take the silk
    and connect a perfect
    geometric shape

    The master builder
    the bird's nest
    To take small pieces
    of different sizes and shapes
    and make a nest to hold
    delicate eggs

    It makes me think of my
    own patience and creativity
    to craft a painting or a poem
    Making something out of nothing
    A talent to call my own

  4. We balance long and heavy
    On small bases
    Born hairless
    And loud
    We must have shelter
    To keep safe
    And warm
    We kill each other often
    Out of jealousy
    And spite
    We take perfect food
    Make it wierd
    And deadly
    We're in charge of the planet
    The whole thing
    And yet
    It's still