Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28

On August 1 at 6pm, I'm going to host a live class / chat about publishing. Come on and join in. It's going to be a lot of fun. We'll have publishers and writers there to talk about it in general and to give you help specifically on your work, so have some to send to us during the conversation. It will be from 6-10, but you can come and go as you like! Hope to see you there!


  1. In the Name of nature

    We hear about tornado's and hurricane's destruction
    But never about the way we grow from someone's instruction
    We hear about deforestation
    But never about planting trees
    We hear about global warming
    But never about the cool breeze
    In the shade on a hot day
    our bodies producing sweat
    to cool us down as we found
    the wind hitting us when we're wet
    You hear about the way population
    explodes, but never about the way
    nature shows how to not erode
    the ecosystem falling victim when
    we don't stay on the trail
    Let's respect without neglect
    and pay close attention to the sail
    As we catch the wind to move again
    forward instead of behind
    You see it is possible to be
    positive and kind
    If we can believe in the powers of
    how we became mature
    Not to grieve, but empower
    In the name of nature

    1. nice to see a fellow environmentalist here.

    2. Great environmental poetry. And I like the way you develop this Daryl. Very positive!

  2. Fireproof

    A smoldering ash
    From an open window
    Ignites the summer grass
    The fingers of the inferno
    Rake the landscape
    Turning the ground black
    Miles of intense heat
    Destruction and death
    The season is now displaced
    With the arrival of fall
    The phoenix rises
    Shoots of newborn green
    Once again
    Nature has prevailed

    1. Love it. I've been up here talking to rangers and scientists about fire ecology. Fascinating!

  3. Saving the Arroyo Seco

    There are many rivers
    in Southern California.
    So many I don’t have the
    room to tell you here.

    Which answers the question:
    is there a river in LA?

    The LA rivers are wild.
    When it rains the whole land
    is nourished with water.

    The water spreads out
    and covers the LA basin -

    or it did.

    We have encroached on the land.
    Our fragile buildings can’t
    take the force of nature,

    so we confined the rivers
    and wasted the water.

    But we are saving the Arroyo Seco

    — or trying.


  4. Great piece, Tom! You could do a whole collection on this, I know!!