Friday, July 3, 2015

July 3 -- New Life


  1. Tree Life

    What a wonder to be thrown
    into the world on fertile ground
    in way of a seed to spring forth a tree
    In the chance of a lifetime
    fighting to survive competing as a
    seedling and the right to be alive
    Under the Giants and the spruce
    Under the oaks and the wonder of youth
    with the competition of the family of seeds
    springing forth to grow and become their
    full potential
    As some are weak and may not see the day
    When those who are strong will repeat the new way
    of nature to grow and know the ages in the rings
    bringing history which wages on like
    battles of wars and saddles on horse
    to the rattles on cars and the matters that force us
    to fight for the life of the tree like the free
    They are as living as you or as me
    they see the sky
    breathe the air
    they show their branches
    with leaves and care fro the animals
    that hide their seeds for the winter
    They see the seasons and are aware
    as the river which waters
    their roots sinking deeper into the ground
    and the truth we shall protect them
    nothing can take this away
    not thinking we need the wood
    to build not thinking we are liberal
    without the will to kill
    We thank the tree for being here
    and planting the seed to bring forth
    as we revere

    1. That's great. You responded almost literally to the film!

  2. Behind the Green Door

    There's a green door
    hanging in the garage
    mounted on hooks
    against the wall
    There's a nest
    behind the green door
    made of sticks
    and thread
    and grass
    There's some babies
    in the nest
    behind the green door
    they huddle
    and cuddle
    and wait
    Momma brings dinner
    she knocks on the green door
    three bald heads pop up
    mouths wide
    they cry
    she feeds

    1. Ah that's nice. With that title, I was a little worried, but then you subverted expectation!

    2. Lmao! Its funny. I almost used a different title. Then decided... I'm going for it!! Make em worry!!

  3. inside her lies
    a sprig of eternity
    melded life

    1. Love your short poems man. I know we all kid you, but you really have the form down and you're doing something with it!

    2. Thanks, yea I never get kidding. I've written a lot of little poems, so hopefully that time shows

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