Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30

On August 1 at 6pm, I'm going to host a live class / chat about publishing. Come on and join in. It's going to be a lot of fun. We'll have publishers and writers there to talk about it in general and to give you help specifically on your work, so have some to send to us during the conversation. It will be from 6-10, but you can come and go as you like! Hope to see you there!


  1. Accidental Stranger

    I've driven with living
    And drive to arrive
    Thinking I am good and great
    When other's go pass driving too
    fast at a less than safe rate
    I drive in my car and am alive so far
    being a defensive driver
    When other's are like demons
    with numbers in the legions
    Passing like a possessed Macgyver
    I usually ignore what's in store
    when driving on the highway
    They must be mad driving so bad
    As they enter on coming my way
    I obey the law I say in awe
    The speed limit is sixty five
    If the Autobahn is certain
    We ought to speak German
    Because we speed to drive
    I just stay out of their way and all's I can
    say in passing is you have to arrive
    Even though the style is a wild denial
    with harassing as we survive
    We go with the flow and know to go slow
    is the last thing people want to revive
    I may be getting old but I know when they are told
    to slow down by the man
    Handing them a fine when they probably don't mind
    paying the ticket when they can
    As they are back to the speed taking the lead
    And all the time never taking the blame
    It is agreed to me I would plant a seed
    If I could make a change in the lane
    A better course is to not be forced
    to drive so fast in danger
    With being coerced
    into seeing a hearse
    at the next accidental stranger

    1. Great man! I've been driving the mountains these last weeks and it nearly kills me each time!

  2. Hey John, where's the August 1 chat taking on your blog? Here's my poem. (And guess what? It's not even about my childhood!!)

    I’m playing casino games on my Kindle
    While my story waits (longs) for editing
    While free e-books want to be read.
    I’m frustrated wasting my time even
    As I press the spin button and add
    Up my nonexistent winnings.
    I could be clearing clutter off my dresser
    Or strolling on the pier dodging seagulls
    But can’t. I’m hitting pirate bonuses.
    Now my Kindle needs to charge
    I have no excuses
    I must write.

    Carole Avila

    1. Hey Carole, the live chat happen here actually! Great poem too. Wonderfully done!