Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4 -- The Little Things


  1. Patty (Blue Scout)

    they found her bones
    in Death Valley
    how can

    some small shards
    in the desert
    how will

    they know
    it is her

    inside her sisters

    the small key

    DNA or mitochondria

    tell the tale

    of a rather normal life

    lost to lies

    1. The ending captures the innocence

    2. This is at least the fourth poem I've written of someone I went to high school with on La Verne.

  2. Small Things

    I have to say this walk is nice
    To get out into the outdoors
    and enjoy nature
    My childhood of fascination with
    the small creatures of the world
    reminds me of an ant farm I use to have
    and looking through the glass window of
    the underground tunnels
    was really intriguing
    How can an ant
    know how to build such
    an elaborate system of
    My walk was making me think
    of what was appropriate behavior and
    why I could not just act like a child again
    twirling and jumping unable to stand still
    and the fascination with the ant farm
    I said, "look", as I got down on my hands
    and knees, 'see these ants?" The red ones
    were carrying the larvae of the other colony
    back to there own ant hill
    "you got to look close"
    So she got down on all fours
    and saw the takeover
    "Amazing" I would not ever
    have known.
    This is just on the surface
    The ants have a tunnel system
    down below the ground
    They have captured the larvae
    for their food and queen
    "How do you know all this?"
    I just remember when I was small
    I studied ants and was interested
    in them
    Then she said, "What happens when
    it rains?" I said, "good question"

    1. I love the multiple meanings you've give to "the little things" Great!

    2. Nice. Ants are so fascinating.

  3. The Black Widow of Xanadu

    I stand before her
    In her silken fortress
    I think about the song
    The movie
    Its my favorite
    I start to sing to her
    My voice
    Is silent
    Sitting in her web
    As I perform
    Like the muses on roller skates
    I sing
    She eats a bug

  4. Great poem. I love the ending here!