Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 5 -- Surprises


  1. Don't Sit on Spiders

    The hunter lurks beneath the house
    His quest, to seek and destroy a mouse
    His senses keen, his eyes alert
    Watching for movent in the powdery dirt
    Hours go by, he decides to sit
    Bad idea... surprise, he's been bit!
    He howls in pain, his tush on fire
    Burning with venom, like a funeral pyer
    The hunter is promptly wisked off to the vet
    Not for tummy trouble, or a bone to be set
    The spider's bite took quite a toll
    There used to be a cheek, but now just a hole
    He learned a valuable lesson that day
    Don't sit on spiders... life's better that way

  2. New Day

    If there were clouds
    there would be rain
    In the mountains of your mind
    Through the eyes there would be rivers
    crying for a sunrise
    As there comes a day
    when pain
    clears to the bluest skies
    And comes a day when clouds
    don't surprise the mind with thunder
    as we wonder why? A better question
    is to mention, if we can't try to overcome
    the clouds of gray and storms of yesterday
    For today shines a sun brand new and dries
    up the eyes you choose to think and believe
    and maybe perceive the day
    as being great
    A new start that imparts
    the heart to beat anew
    to say we can beat through
    the clouds to mix and allow
    sun to shine and warm us
    Given time and live to find the
    one thing that allows us to show
    the tears will come from the pain
    and will go like storms in our life
    One thing for certain
    the sun shines on your
    hurting and clouds will clear
    and show a joy to enjoy a happiness
    to glow and know through the weather
    Whether it is cloudy or better allows the
    sun to break on through to crack the hour
    and give back power to empower
    our trust and truth

    1. THat's a really beautiful one Daryl. Really and truly fantastic!

  3. This First Kiss

    you only get
    one chance to
    be surprised
    by such joy

    when she leaned
    down and in a
    light touch to
    lips we kissed

    and any kiss
    after is linked
    to this one
    small kiss

    1. That's fantastic! This is really a great poem, and true too!

    2. By the way, I just filmed a bunch of prompts in tribute to you!

    3. "you only get
      one chance to
      be surprised
      by such joy"

      Perfect TT

  4. Bug Angels

    In Pomona
    In one of the backyards
    Of one of the several houses I lived in
    There was a flower bush constantly in bloom
    With red, orange and yellow flowers
    Whose color was as dense and rich as Crayolas.
    Butterflies frequented here like
    Yuppies around juice bars, frozen yogurt places or coffee houses.
    I always liked to think they were there for me though.
    Fairies encircling me in an enchanted forest.
    My favorites were the orange and black monarchs and the petite white ones.
    One day, in Long Beach, walking along with my precious Nick, no longer mine,
    A bright, large yellow butterfly hovered around some nearby bushes.
    It was a surprise dark with doomed foreboding and bright with endless happiness. A bittersweet touch...

    1. I love the way that ends, and the line "no longer mine" Great!!

    2. I love the way that ends, and the line "no longer mine" Great!!