Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6 -- Walking Trips


  1. Life Lesson

    I was backpacking with my dad when I was eleven years old
    We were headed up to Lake Crawley to start an eleven mile
    trek to Lake Dorothy in the High Sierras. He was driving and
    pulled over to get sick as he had the door wide open and after
    he was finished said he felt better. He didn't want the flu to get
    in the way of us being together. So, he was not keeping up with
    me on the trail. We had gone around the lake and was hiking to
    Lake Dorothy, when I looked back and he was stopped on the trail
    He probably had stopped to rest or get sick again, while I was 100
    yards ahead of him on the switchback. I thought I would go see if
    he was alright, and when I got to where he was he asked me why
    I came back? I said, to see if, "you never come back on a trail, always
    wait for the person to catch up." I did not have anything to say, and was
    kind of hurt that he was not listening to my excuse as tears welled in me
    Now that I'm older, I can see he was right, why would I go the same distance
    three times to get to the same point on the trail? It makes more sense to wait.
    There were a lot of life lessons on that hike. One was when we had got to the Lake and he was setting up a tent for the camp and taking a nap, I went to the hot spot on the lake and caught my limit in about 3 hours. We had a fish fry that night and I was told 9 times out of 10 days in the Sierras it would rain.
    As we noted the weather we walked out of there the next day. All eleven miles
    for a boy that was a grueling hike and for my dad, well he felt better after a day. As for the lessons, I learned not to hike back from where I had just previously come from.

    1. Great poem Daryl. I love the life lesson here, and that's it's a really complex set of emotions you're developing through here.

  2. The Elfin Forest

    A path of sand zig zags up the hill
    the prints of countless feet, making divots in the ground
    at the top is a redwood planked boardwalk
    that takes you to the Elfin Forest
    the redwood trail creaks under foot
    as you descend into the flora below
    black sage and creeping snow berries mingle
    with cats ears and blue toad flax
    while poppies and purple nightshade
    dance along side wild radishes
    all cradled in the arms of ancient oak trees
    their gnarled branches reaching out
    spotted with knots and draped with moss
    gathering the blooms to their bosoms
    swallow tails, metalmarks, and monarchs
    flitter in the cobwebby thistle and yarrow
    kicking up pollen and perfuming the air
    further down are the secret corners
    where jack rabbits and raccoons lurk in sagebrush caves
    plucking wild carrots and cucumbers from the sandy ground
    and always on the lookout for bobcats and foxes
    arriving at the eastern end of the trail
    you look upon the estuary
    sand pipers and egrets compete with ducks and falcons
    for the fish hiding at the edge of the bay
    ascending back, the air overtakes you
    its crispness, so fresh, so pure
    with each breath you feel the forest penetrate
    slowly becoming part of your soul
    fence lizards escort you back to the sand trail
    while camel crickets serenade you to the car
    you're certain there's no way you've seen it all
    perhaps next time, you'll uncover the mysteries
    hiding in the Elfin Forest

    1. That's great. Ann and I were just talking about this yesterday, how the woods looked elfin to us in this spot because of the wildflowers!

  3. Walking the Forest

    I took a week
    vacation at
    my parents in
    Big Bear

    just me and the boys
    Michelle had to work

    we decided to
    make a video so
    Mom would feel a
    part of the trip

    I filmed the boys
    leaving the house
    starting on a walk
    waving to Mommy

    we hiked into the
    National Forest
    picking up trash
    avoiding a rattler
    and playing cards
    when we rested

    I filmed the boys
    walkin back to the
    house loaded with
    trash dragging a hose

    and interviewed
    them on the couch
    saying hi to Mommy

    as my three year
    old bounced like a
    as if he hadn’t just
    hiked four hours

    1. That's touching man, and I love that you had them carrying trash out. Really nice.

    2. Yea, part of that is after living in Oregon, but I used to pick up trash when I walked even before I lived in Oregon. They are superenvironmentalists in Oregon

  4. David, Silly Ass David

    So my grandpa has a roomate
    He lives in the backyard.
    Quite amiable, a respsctable enough gentleman...
    Anyways, the poor man as a pressing crush on me that makes me thankful to walk into the house just to get some air...
    Instead of walking out of it. Lol.
    He's a great person, has become a good friend.
    So he invited me to church.
    "We're walking there and not taking the car," he declared.
    "Oh God, okay," I reluctantly complied.
    1/5 of the way there my heel broke.
    Had to walk home barefooted and fussing the whole way back.
    Where the heck is graciousness in those moments.
    It was a pitiful walk.

    1. Ah, painful walk! But it made you happy!

    2. Ah, painful walk! But it made you happy!

    3. Happy to get away from him and out of the sun lol