Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1

On August 1 at 6pm, I'm going to host a live class / chat about publishing. Come on and join in. It's going to be a lot of fun. We'll have publishers and writers there to talk about it in general and to give you help specifically on your work, so have some to send to us during the conversation. It will be from 6-10, but you can come and go as you like! Hope to see you there!


  1. Architecture and engineering, the art and science of buildings, from homes to high-rises. I've been wanting to write about this for a long time. I'll have to start on my first poem (and catch up with my missing poem).

    1. That's great man! Fantastic. I am going to LOVE hearing about this from you.

  2. Oh no!! You want Wal-Mart poems...? Ok, you asked for it!! Lol

  3. Going to Work With Daddy

    riding in Daddy’s truck
    on my knees, face pressed
    against the window

    watching the cars pass
    red and white lights
    shining in the dark sky

    the truck bounces on
    the dirt as it rolls
    up to the trailer

    I fall out of the cab
    and stare as the men
    lumber past me

    keeping their language
    clean as they see a
    little boy on the job site

    I stare as the sun
    peeks out at the
    flat slabs and

    skeleton frames of
    the houses rising
    from the ground

    I take a sip of
    Daddy’s black coffee
    steaming from the cup

    as Daddy pores over
    the large sheets
    of blueprints

    I stare at the dark
    blue lines. Daddy takes
    notes on his yellow pad

    the blueprints still
    smell of ammonia
    I breath it in

    the coffee truck
    honks its horn
    Daddy hands me a dollar

    I give Daddy the change
    and his glazed donut
    I sit on a box of nails

    munching my donut
    sipping my chocolate
    milk watching Daddy

    later I float sticks
    down the little lake
    the puddle in the mud

    1. OK, I included family memories, but it all starts there.

    2. That's great man! That's where it starts for all of us. Early passions!

  4. Overnight Shift

    A tired voice on the loud speaker
    Begins to coax the shoppers to the door
    The building slowly empties out
    All is soon quiet in the store

    Fifteen sets of heavy feet
    Come shuffling towards the clock
    Ready to fill the empty spaces
    From an endless supply of stock

    Pallet jacks hauling boxes
    L-Carts packed with stuff
    A building full of wants & needs
    And other assorted fluff

    All night the box knives slash
    Empty cardboard stacked in piles
    The night is full of hustle
    To fill the empty aisles

    Mops & buckets wick away grime
    Or lay down new wax on the floors
    Trash bags replaced, all in a race
    To finish the nightly chores

    As dawn breaks on the parkinglot
    Employess are cleaning with zeal
    As they're clocking out, customers are coming in
    Looking to get the next deal

    1. I was so so so so so hoping that you'd write about this!!! Great poem

    2. HA! That's just one shift.... I got 3 more!!!

  5. Certified Nurse's Assistant

    The class
    was for a
    and lasted
    a semester

    The films, the questions, the
    pop quizzes and the all dreaded
    final, made the class fun and
    serious at the same time

    Who would go first? To step up
    and volunteer as a candidate
    to show as an example how to
    wash your hands properly?

    One man stood up and said,
    if ya'll are too shy to wash
    you'll have to get over it
    because you'll be
    wiping behinds soon

    He was right
    there's no sense
    in not getting
    right to the point
    The job is at the
    last rung of the ladder
    The worst of the worst
    Getting to clean and
    not minding the smell

    The training was
    valuable. The risk
    for disease is evident in
    Universal Precautions
    where you have to treat
    a client as though the
    contagion can be
    transmitted to another
    with the slightest of error

    Protocol means using
    gloves, gowns, masks
    and putting and
    taking them off
    in the correct manner
    is all too important
    One false move and
    you become infected

    I remember the
    C.P.R. training and the
    way it is done exhaustively
    using partners to trade off
    when you get too tired
    And having the
    opportunity to save
    when need

  6. Jeanne: One thing I know about: Health Care
    First day of This Profession

    White pants sparkle clean, walking shoes, simple polo
    Name Tag well pinned in view
    Shows a strange stretched face over
    One inch high lettering
    Its a patient’s right to know who you are.

    I’m ward clerk at Children’s Hospital
    The Nursing Department is my boss
    I’m at war with patient charts
    To Physician orders disappear
    To the correct pigeon-holed spot.

    I encounter complicated words
    That begin to repeat in patterned ways
    I order with stickers and plastic flags.
    And sound official in phone response.

    The nurses run circles, I calm them
    I maintain order of the controlling spot
    Sometimes I listen to gossiping tales
    To relieve towering crises of health

    I’m the helm at the center chaos
    The biggest task I come to know
    Is reclaiming the calm and order from
    The shift that came before.

    1. This is great Jeanne, and I am so so so so glad you're doing this. Let's talk one on one about revisions!

  7. I think this scares some people
    I would say that I know alot about cult worship, the Devil/Satan and spirituality, God too of course.
    I may never be in a cult, meet Beelzebub or my Heavenly Father.
    But I know alot about them, how I feel about them, and how they work.
    Maybe thats the scariest thing of all...

  8. Are you high in this video Mr. Brantingham? I see some major red eyes.

    1. Really? Are you sure? You look done. I wanna get high with you Mr. Brantingham ;-) That would be FUN

  9. And what do you mean you've never been in a Walmart? What a snob ;-) lol just kidding, that means that you're definitely up on class :-D

    1. No I hate the way they hurt people, so I just stay out of them!

    2. Oh like the way they abuse their employees huh?