Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10


  1. Kilroy

    Dad picked me
    up from school
    I hopped up
    into his
    63 Ford pickup

    Dad shifted gears
    it was a 3-speed
    with the shifter
    on the column

    I never learned
    to drive that truck
    but I did on
    the 70 Datsun
    it was my first
    stick I drove
    at the apartments
    in Pomona, but
    that was a
    different truck
    and job for Dad

    T Dad said
    I got fired today
    Kilroy let me go

    Dad had been
    with Ray Watt
    for ten years
    he had built
    a lot of houses
    it was as long
    as I had lived
    at the time

    sixty five
    that was the
    year of the
    Watts Riots
    the year I
    started a
    new school
    and the year
    Dad’s world
    got turned
    upside down

    Dad pulled into
    the liquor store
    got me a pop
    and him a beer

    1. I love that ending man. It's a powerful poem!

  2. Someone else’s worst day

    Your glee hardly contained
    When you heard I would be gone.
    Were your bosses nervous?
    Would litigation, come?

    Today I read my letter
    Sent months after I’d gone
    I’m shocked by the bold precision
    The depth of heart.

    Brief CV.
    Evidence stats.
    Jab scientific oath.
    Title 22.
    Lucrative billing Whack.
    HIPPA proof cases,

    Addressed to fine clinicians
    The most powerful I knew
    It said they were responsible
    For these things, discussed.

    So I heard you were seen crying
    Just around that time
    The letter cc’d your bosses
    Those bullet dodging folks.

    Disrespectful dictator
    How deep did the shaft sink?
    Did shame broach to ethics
    Or patient centered care?

    1. That's great. I love the anger running through this poem. It's powerful!

  3. Dear diary,
    I don't even know how to begin. This morning , I got up, got dressed, and went to work. It was supposed to be a normal day. We pulled into the parking lot and everything looked like it usually does. We walked up to the entrance, and discovered that while we slept, our lives had been changed forever.
    A cashier blasted out the door. Without a word she drug us inside. We followed her over to electronics, where every television in the department was playing the same video: an airliner slamming into the twin towers.
    Over and over and over, the image repeated on 20 different screens.
    I just stood there, clutching my husband's hand. Stunned by the visuals of my fellow countrymen leaping to their deaths. My mind was filled with sickening wonder and shock. Along with 30 other associates, we just stood there.
    7am came and went. The store was open for business. But we all just stood there. Frozen in place by the audacity of this act. Witnessing what I believe will be called the Pearl Harbor of my generation. Only time will tell.
    several of us went home. I don't blame them. People deal with loss differently. We stayed. We had to stay. Folks in this town were going to need any scrap of normalcy they could find. I sucked up my anger and worked my shift.
    The news has been speculating all day about who did this and why. Somehow, I feel like this is just the beginning. Like we've been forced into a game of chess and have no idea what the rules are. For now, I'll keep my fear to myself. Like every human being, I have a job to do.
    Lord, help us all.

    1. It's kind of amazing how much we live through in a long term job like that. I mean, it's amazing!

  4. I watched at work in a little window on my computer. By the time I got to work the towers had fallen. I can imagine seeing it on a wall of TVs.

    1. My students told me it had happened. Very weird morning.

  5. Enough

    With her back against the wall
    Sitting down in a chair, her face
    said it all, "I am tired, I have had
    enough." I knew what she was talking
    about. It wasn't her usual cheerful self
    It was despair and she felt like giving up

    The man had been vomiting straight up into
    the air while laying in bed on his back with his
    head slightly raised. I yelled, "he is going to
    aspirate, he's going to aspirate." He needed to
    get his head inclined to sit up in his bed upright.
    Nobody moved a muscle in fear of getting vomit
    on them. The vomit kept coming up, like a volcano
    exploding intermittently. I moved in with my head down
    as if I was ducking for cover. I got his head to raise up
    and then, the girl sitting down said, do this and do that, as
    though she was on a break and wanted people to do her job
    I said, in a joking way, who made you the boss? And we all
    laughed and got back to work,cleaning, mopping and washing
    up. It was a breath of fresh air in the midst of the chaos to find
    it humorous as we were getting the man settled back comfortably
    It was also a break to say it and not really mean it
    I wanted to say the same thing several times
    but didn't have the guts to say anything
    like I am tired and I have had enough

    1. Wow, this is really one of your most powerful Daryl! This is incredible!

  6. Daryl. You saved his life. Aspiration of stomach contents we all know causes...

  7. My Loving Daddy

    I got kicked out of this place where I lived
    In the middle of the night
    I was already pretty nestled in,
    Alot of belongings.

    I called my Dad to inform him
    That I needed him
    To come pick me up
    With All my belongings

    He works every weekday
    from 4am to 6pm.

    When I got a hold of him
    He didnt sound enthusiastic.