Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13


  1. Building a Home

    the architect conceives
    builds the ghost
    of the building

    the engineer imagines
    truth, orders the
    reality of the structure

    the builder molds
    the dreams and clay
    breaths life on the house

    the family
    makes it
    a home

  2. Dear diary,
    I got the job at Wal-Mart. Today was my first day. My mom dropped me off this morning, to a building that isn't even finished yet. In fact, there isn't even a parking lot!
    I walked inside, expecting to see a store, but instead, it was just a huge empty space filled with painters, plumbers, electricians.... it looks nothing like I pictured it.
    We were all led to the front, where registers will eventually be installed. The future managers our store came out and said good morning. They explained how we couldn't open for business until we had a proper store for people to shop in. We were then issued a colored dot to put on our name-badges. Our breaks, shifts and training time would be set up according to a color system. I got blue. Then it was off to work. We spent the whole day building the aisles and setting shelves. Slowly, the massive open space started to look like a store.
    Half way through the day, I got pulled to do some training, called CBL's. It's like taking online courses. You sit at the computer, watch the videos, take the test, and move on to the next one. I have something like, 50 of them to complete in 2 weeks. At least they're easy.
    At 4 o'clock, it was time to call it a day. I was blown away by how much we got done in 8 hours. And, they said we should have a real parking lot by next week... nice!

    1. Love these poems Molly. I love the complexity of your relationship with the place and job!

  3. Getting ready for a Team Meeting

    It’s Tuesday.
    Oh joy.
    my team meets

    I check the posted time
    It’s will change I know
    But for my sanity
    I’ll plan for
    The posted time.

    Now quickly change
    all my prior meets
    with patient x,y, and z.
    I mark this, mark that
    Mark this, mark that
    We’ll see how that,
    works out.

    Speed on to the day
    Can’t stress if
    I’m prepared
    For the team soon
    I’ll have to rely
    On my weekly notes.
    They’re up to date.

    Running here,
    Running there
    Typical work day.
    It’s 9:40 AM
    My meeting time.
    They are behind.

    Stay cool and do my thing
    Keep focused on my folks.
    The schedule is not made
    To convenience of
    Patients, or
    Therapists like me.

    Oh joy, they say
    its now my turn
    I give a poor excuse
    To my patient
    Who has no idea
    What just transpired.

    I zip into the room upbeat
    Bounce into empty chair.
    Best not to sit
    Adjacent to
    The director.
    He’s not my pal.

    The team is talking fast
    Status reports fly
    I smooth my notes
    To the table top
    Yum lemon cake I spy
    Quick grab a piece
    before its done.

    I begin to make report
    On happenings this week
    These things we’re working on
    This thing is important
    And, patient really wants,
    to go home.

    Now there’s a bit of banter
    Therapist One is sure
    Patient surely needs
    One more Rehab week
    Doc and Administration
    Perk up for revenue
    But Therapist Three
    Agrees with me.
    Rehab not justified
    And, patient really wants,
    To go home.

    Move to the next discussion
    Each person taking turns
    Some things clarified and
    Others learned.
    On a few occasions
    Conclusions are clear.
    But mostly the discussion is,
    Pure chaos.

    Patients are complex
    Full independence is rare.
    Resources are scarce.
    And there’s no family help.

    We’ve all talked too long.
    The schedule is
    far behind.
    Still there’s many problems
    But the clock ticks on
    And much work
    Still to do.

  4. How do YOU eat a banana?

    Watching people eat bananas drives me nuts.
    I've noticed that everyone does it differently.

    If I'm making a smoothie,
    I peel it
    And then break it off in three segments,
    Before I toss them in the blender.

    If I'm about to eat a banana,
    Just by itself
    I'll either peel it and eat it,
    One satisfying bite at a time,
    Or set it on a plate,
    Cut it in half with a steak knife,
    And then peel and consume
    Each half
    One at a time
    Or just eat one half and save the other.