Friday, August 14, 2015

August 14


  1. River Dock

    rough hewn wood
    canoe tied
    at the bow

    pole and
    tackle box
    sit askew

    quiet cove
    dark with branches
    clasping hands

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    1. Loosing Time

      He’s waiting at the elevator
      His jacket ready fastened
      Off on public transit today
      We smile and greet with ease.

      His head injury is healing
      Concrete familiar is good
      We’ve studied schedule, practiced routes.
      Three minutes to arrival.

      He says, it was oatmeal again today,
      The roommate snored last night
      I watch as he finds the exit door
      His double vision mastered.

      We find the bench. The sun climbs high
      Butterflies play on blossoms
      We’re basking in the outside world.
      Let the shuttle be late.

      Now snap back into time
      Hold rail and mount the steps,
      Sink into a well worn seat.
      Off to a wondrous ride.

      Windows break open pictures
      Of sights familar yet new
      Mundane events are comfort
      We’re riding in the flow.

      With conversation easy
      Challenges surpassed
      Contained in jostling
      Springy seats.

      A life of more to live.

  3. Treehouse

    a few boards
    for the floor
    branches and leaves
    make a roof

    nothing more
    is required
    for the boy’s

    1. I have been trying to write more outside of the prompts. This one seemed to fit for today also.

    2. This is a great poem, man, but it is COMPLETELY inside the prompt I think!

    3. It is, but I wrote it a few days before

  4. Oceans of Desire...

    I lose my sense of time
    When I look into the eyes
    Of the Man I want, love and need.

  5. Dear diary,
    I must be the only crazy person who loves to work on Black Friday. I have mastered the fine art of staying the hell out of the way! The whole day really is easy. All you need to know is what direction to point in for the different sale items, which is no problem, because I write it on my copy of the ad. The only other thing you need is an escape route when it's breaktime. EASY! Best part is, the day blows by. Fastest 8 hours you'll ever work, I promise.