Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15


  1. It was a cordial first meet.
    Maintenance workers clanked, garbage cans below your window
    Sun streamed through the window glass, although you could not see it.
    You said you could see, a grey area there,
    Which grew bigger every day.
    I listened.

    Sterile antiseptic layer of air
    Contained your bed,
    Handsome youth with joking smile
    The steamy smell of reheated croissant rose from your morning tray
    As assistant spoon fed you cereal.
    You said your girlfriend would soon arrive with real food,
    An egg McMuffin.

    I asked, do you smell the coffee,
    Feel the arc of the mug handle at 9 o”clock?
    Feel the cereal bowl.
    Put a spoon in one hand and target spoon-fulls yourself.
    You said, its messy.
    Why bother when people are here to help
    I said, what happens when people
    Are not?

    You share your story.
    The gunshot wounds. The legs unmoving.
    You’re excited for therapy, when do we start
    Lets do it, I said.
    My role is to help you do things yourself.
    Lets get out of bed, get dressed, brush teeth
    How do you do those things?

    As you move in bed, bowel smell erupts
    You ask for the nurse right away
    I comply and direct,
    Grab the bedrails here
    Hold cloth in this hand
    As antiseptic cloud

    Our meets are challenged by schedule
    You say you need your rest
    I hear you’re a star in PT.
    Weight lifting, stronger each day
    Back on your feet soon
    You say.

    Getting dressed is very slow
    Numb skin a nemesis
    You transfer well to therapy mat
    But high assist to get out of bed
    The recall path to find your toothbrush
    Is not practiced,
    Unimportant to eyes
    That will get better Soon.

    We spend time ordering a wheelchair
    You say it’s temporary but cool.
    A bowel and bladder war wages
    Between us.
    Intimate shame,
    Hanging smell,

    Many weeks pass and
    Your girlfriend and others are gone
    A distant relative, is the discharge plan.
    You say this person will help
    And you are excited to leave.
    I cordially wish you the best
    And if its ever needed
    Resources here for pathfinding blind.
    As antiseptic cloud envelops
    A turning for another day.

    1. This is your strongest so far! It's an amazing poem Jeanne!

  2. The Zen of Painting a Wall

    you start with prep
    patch any cracks, holes
    sand the patches smooth
    clean the wall

    lay out the dropclothes
    pop the lid of the
    five gallon bucket
    with a screwdriver

    drop the roller screen
    into the bucket, tap a
    finish nail into the
    side of the paint brush

    dip the brush into the
    bucket, don’t dip it
    to the wood, then
    paint the corners

    slip the roller
    cover on the roller
    I prefer a narrow roller
    with a close nap

    roll the roller on the
    screen, cover all the pad
    roll off the excess
    stand next to the wall

    let the rock music from
    the radio flow in you
    feel the zen of the moment
    eyes closed, feel the peace

    hold the long pole with
    both hands, roll the paint
    on the wall at angles
    painting Ws on the wall

    never worry about the paint
    getting on hands, t-shirt,
    jeans, bare feet - move
    to the rhythm of the music

    1. I love the rhythm and the music of this poem man!

  3. Dear diary,
    The damn power went out at work yesterday! We were in the dark for hours. I'm standing at the deli counter, minding my own business, then POW! It all goes black.
    immediately, management spins into panic mode, as they are herding the angry masses out the front door. The rest of us are walking the back aisles, the receiving area and the bathrooms, looking for opportunistic thieves.
    Once the store was empty, the real fun began. The back room associates rolled out literally pallets of empty card board, so we could start sealing the freezer doors. While another group of us began emptying all of the open coolers into the large walk-ins.
    The shriek of shrink wrap echoed through the store, (along with a considerable amount of cussing) as associates desperately tried to seal the cold into the open bunkers in the meat department. All of this pandemonium, happening by the cold, unforgiving glow of our crappy emergency lights.
    Lucky me, eventually my shift ended and I got my ass out of there. I found out this morning, that the power was out so long, that the entire cold side of the store was a total loss. All that work for nothing, and all because some dope hit a power pole. As you can imagine, the customer bitching has been epic today.

  4. Washing Dishes

    Gross Grease Seeping
    Stuck, caked and coating pots and other dishes.
    Can't they rinse off their plates.
    Dish soap adds the only pretty, clean and purifying scent.
    Soon this will be over and the plates will be white again.
    I'll be able to drop ice cubes
    In clean cups
    Forgetting the stench of dirty dishes...
    Until I have to do my chore again.