Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 16


  1. Framing a Wall

    measure the length
    of the wall
    match the floor
    with the plan

    for mistakes

    lay the tape
    on the top and
    bottom plates

    cut them together

    lay out the studs
    sixteen inches on center

    cut the windows
    and the doors
    cut the headers

    throw the 16d nails in
    one motion sink them with
    the 22 oz framing hammer
    straight square true

  2. I love this kind of poetry man. It's a working man's haiku!

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    1. the juxtaposition of simple line content with exact detail.. 22 oz, 16 d is expansive. thx

    2. I absolutely agree. This seeming simplicity often adds a layer of meaning and feeling.

  4. Health care workers
    Witness, listen, heal,
    Attend to deep and
    challenging needs
    The calling they accept.


    Now they are diverted to
    Paperwork and billing
    Stop treatment flow and chart
    In front of patient, fine
    Then you can bill
    That time.

    Log onto the computer
    HIPPA protection locked
    Scroll the screens and boxes.
    With free text, infrequent
    Who directs the story
    Data collectors, or
    Don’t get lost in cool tech features
    Brain scans,
    Bone xrays.
    With Productivity pressures
    You’ll be logging on again
    In 20 minutes

    1. This is a really good poem, but let's see one or more about a time when this actually plays out in the real world. Probably painful and poignant and it will get to the heart of your collection!

  5. Dear diary,
    Sometimes the predictability of my job is numbing. Every morning, clock in, get yesterday's sales, get today's forcast, pick up equipment, walk the department, CLEAN UP LAST NIGHT'S MESS. Wow. When are we gonna hire some folks who give a flyin' flip? Between department resets, price changes, bin audits and let's not forget customers, there is no time to be the closer's mom. I guess I should be grateful that I only had 7 full shopping carts of returns to put away. Believe or not, it could have been worse. I need a vacation.

  6. A A Meetings

    So ADULT
    Almost too ADULT
    I was always curious about them.
    And then I got to go to them.
    Five nights A WEEK!
    Sometimes SEVERAL times a day.
    Forced 95%.
    Voluntary maybe 5%.
    Anyways, everyone talms about their pasts,
    Kind of glorifying using days,
    The lives of pimps, prostitutes, hoes and drug dealers.
    Always remembering to praise their victory
    In their new lives.
    Talking about how things are better,
    And how they're better.
    Me, a fellow ex substance abuser
    Can see and feel the strain in their faces,
    Addiction recovery symptoms.
    Too real.
    Oh. And we always have cake at every meeting.