Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17


  1. I am a morning person,
    The 6am car radio converses on arrival
    Its hard to turn off world news and park the car.
    I open the door and turn on lights
    Wondering how lives weave

    I love the early time with patients
    No pre-thinking each detail
    Redo familiar habits
    In mundane morning meditation
    Daily trepidations confront
    Bolstered by accomplishments steady,
    Of groomed, well fed and ready.

    Popcorn between patients
    Pack weekly notes in
    During free time
    The day speeds by in a fast jog
    There’s still an hour which is mine
    Brainstorm fun for another care plan
    Chat with co-worker, on life.

    Time to order desk, pigeon hole post its
    Hide coveted pencil to its place
    Grab lunch pail and stand at timeclock
    Punch out the exact second required.
    I’m in the school parking lot waiting
    Searching for my familiar loves
    Our dog peers through the window
    as we climb our home steps.

    We slump into couches
    Rustle our dog
    And share the day’s adventures.

    1. I love the peace of this poem. Really beautiful!

  2. Put It In The Light

    To be jaded and faded
    against the odds

    To be aware
    and not care of the loss

    Minds turn to destruction
    without the kind introduction

    to kiss and show a love
    we insist is better than the endeavor

    to break it all apart
    Let's keep it together

    Whenever there is dark
    Put it in the light

    let it shine through
    Let the love break above

    the destructive mood
    My mind turns to a time when

    the revenge was sweet
    and the destruction was on the

    lips and the end was complete
    But nothing can be accomplished

    through annihilation when we are of one
    body and the entire nation

    is one world as humanity
    are the soldiers

    to face the word of love and to rise above
    the destruction of the race

    Let's look at it from the
    the perspective from outer space

    To doubt mistakes and is what it
    takes to look at from a better view

    We are all human and to destroy
    is to just discontinue

    and will subdue the whole
    When we can be told it is wrong

    Let's continue to hold and let's
    be strong and make the most

    out of feeling great
    what a powerful initiative

    is believing with faith
    to love and not to hate

    to forgive and not retaliate
    to hold and not separate

    but involve and not

    we can do this project and put
    this light on the subject

    we can enlighten
    and infect the love

    with the secret
    To do what is in the heart

    Do what we know can start
    humanity to live and survive

    by giving the surprise
    without the demise

    without the doubts
    without the lies

    and to quiet the cries
    and hush the harsh words

    that crush the hearts that
    are pure

  3. Rhythm and rhyme. Sincere, gentle and bold. Nice piece of art Daryl!

    1. Thank-you. I wanted the perspective from space to be the one
      which was concocted to be withheld from us until the lunar landing.
      Now that we see the earth from space we can get the oneness of it.

  4. Dear diary,
    Just clocked out. Today totally sucked, but, the first of the month weekend always does. If I had to point out where the bathroom was one more time today! Damn people! Can't you pee before you leave the house? And what the hell is with these people who ask if you work here? No stupid, I got up this morning and decided to wear khaki pants, a blue shirt, a Wal-Mart name tag AND a smock with a giant happy face on it, because I'm a frikkin trend setter! Uuuugh!!!!! And what day is complete without a pre-teen throwing a temper tantrum because mommy won't buy them a hotwheel? I'm just gonna sit here in car for a few minutes and enjoy the silence... try not to think about having to come back tomorrow.

    1. Great! And I'm glad I don't work there! You've painted quite the picture here!

  5. Blueline

    brush graphite
    eraser scum
    from the vellum

    pull the tape from
    the corners, stick
    them to the tape ball

    lay the vellum on
    the yellow paper
    turn on the machine

    the light blinks on
    listen to the humm
    of the motor

    slip the sheets into
    the roller, pull the
    vellum of the blue sheet

    the stench of ammonia
    assaults your nose
    a new blueline

    1. Great poem man! Wonderfully done. I remember those!

  6. After

    I keep
    These things
    To myself
    After visits to the ward.
    My mind and brain has a repair.
    To the repair
    Makes me feel safe.
    Scary secrets like this
    Are Scary
    Me and others,
    To others and myself.
    Stupid crayon pictures for
    geniuses or handicaps.
    Remembering the sick
    Rhythm of thoughts like
    Am i just above,
    Or below
    Or in between.
    If I'm in the middle,
    Why am I here?
    Does everyone feel
    Hospital bedtimes
    In various ways
    And for various reasons,
    To vacate real life
    For a second
    In order to gather oneself?

    I question myself
    But resolve to agree that im just eccentric and a little wild.

    1. That's a really good one. Simple and direct, exactly what a poem should be. Very honest too.