Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18


  1. Drafting

    I used to do drafting
    we built trusses
    designed them on PCs
    and mainframes in Boise

    we drew on vellum
    with Pentel pencils
    and for a while I did
    drafting on a mini computer

    when I lost my job
    I knew all work would
    be done on PCs (AutoCAD)
    and went to computer school

    I’ve had fun with cartoons,
    computer games, the internet
    more fun than engineering
    I miss it still

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  3. A wish poem.

    I wish for Health not marketed as
    Commodity for

    I wish for Health Worker partners
    In Suffering

    I wish for Patient needs and hopes
    As care plan

    I wish for Access unhindered
    By Gender, Place
    Cost, Race.

    I wish for Science Art fusion

    I wish for policy participation

    I wish for the Sacred Corporate Devil
    Of Health Care

    I wish for unwavering commitment
    To Health as a

    1. This is great. Send this out today to The Nation. That's a hard magazine to get into. Nearly impossible, but it has the right politics. If they reject, we'll go someplace else.

  4. Hanging on a moon beam

    Wishes are they daydreams
    They always do come true
    Even if they dont materialize
    Or come to fruitition,
    The mind can dream and ponder
    On something forever
    So much to where it feels real
    Like its happening or will happen...
    Because daydreams and wishes
    Are just as alive as dreams that do come true.
    Just possibly don't always give in to eachother,
    But possibly do.

    1. Great poem Corrina! I love the repetition in the last line!

  5. Dear diary,
    I just need 5 more minutes!! It seems like I always need 5 more minutes. No matter how fast I move, or how many helping hands I get, I always seem to leave work feeling like I left something undone. Not a good feeling. I pride myself at being super organized and ahead of the game. But lately, time is flying, and NOBODY is having fun.
    Maybe I'm doing it to myself. Maybe I'm not getting enough rest. Maybe I need to be shipped off to the funny farm... where life is beautiful all the time!! Ha ha! Now that song is stuck in your head!