Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19


  1. morning

    coffee steams
    cream swirls in the cup
    the first sip

    sleepy still
    between the dream
    and wakefulness

    aware of
    one more day of work
    dreading it

    forty plus
    years pretending for
    the boss

    all jobs
    as simple as
    stacking dice

    drains my life
    ebbs from me

    just a few
    minutes more craft
    the words

    inside my mind
    barely aware of
    the outside

    one more

    1. you evoke wonderful things in few words. thx

    2. These were my haiku/senyru poems. Thanks for the support. :)

    3. You haiku training has really paid off man. THis is great.

  2. In the morning
    I awake.

    In the morning
    I surrender/submit
    To those things too powerful
    To name.

    In the morning,
    I pray.

    I brush my teeth,
    In the morning.

    I hunger
    For the day's first meal
    In the morning.

    I look unto the day ahead of me
    As look atop a plateau
    Looking, gazing into the unknown,
    Trying to understand it
    In the morning.

    1. Nice, I like how you switch the repeat from the start to the end of the stands.

    2. Also the way it builds thru the stanzas. thx!

  3. In the morning, Gracie jumps on my neck
    Rubs my nose, bites my toes, purrs
    I’ve been healing to tapes in the dark
    I lie still, sinking in truth
    But silence is distracted by running
    Cat feet, I swing out of bed.

    In the morning, I fill a bowl with cat food
    I fill a bowl for my breakfast too
    I’m drawn forward in mechanical beat
    But anxiety creeps in
    What will this day hold
    As Gracie licks her fur.

    In the morning, I check my email
    Order lists, stack piles of to dos
    There’s a concept of where I’m heading
    There are first steps of where to begin
    But the mission is fuzzy haze
    As Gracie sneaks back for a nap.

    In the morning, there’s a phone call scheduled
    With physician friend far away
    She tells her incredulous story
    Pain management and alone
    Conversation in calm syncopation
    As Gracie sleeps in the sun.

    In the morning, our talk turns to health care
    We share the things we’ve seen
    The toys, the greed, the incompetence.
    With computers and protocols quicker
    Providers don’t look, touch, or feel,
    That medicine is dead.

    In the morning, we share our beliefs
    Misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis, pills
    Patients should question, they know a wisdom
    Doctors spend time too short
    To synthesize science, complexity and grace
    Healing models are hard to find.

    In the morning, we’ve talked for two hours
    Skype has connected our doors
    The farewell is grateful,
    The sharing has grounded.
    A crash explodes from the closet
    As Gracie awakes to explore.

    1. That is wonderful. You're really capturing this and using the form!

  4. Dear diary,
    My usual shift is in the morning. I get to enjoy the silence of the store, the calm before the capitalist storm. There's a tranquil feeling that only comes over you in the morning. Those few short hours before the tweekers and bitter old ladies come in and ruin everything.
    I cherish those moments that can only happen in the morning. Where the hypnotic hum of the lights helps your brain to focus. And the air blowing in through the ducts seems cleaner in the morning. The building hasn't been packed with wierdos who spend hundreds on dvd's, but can't seem to find the bath soap aisle.
    Yep. People are much easier to tolerate... in the morning.