Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 20


  1. Dear diary,
    Ugggh!!! I hate closing. It is a whole other universe in the evening. It's like the sorta-kinda humans disappear, and are replaced with aliens from the planet dumb ass.
    The quantity of screaming kids seems to increase in the evening. News flash: it's 11pm, of course your kid is crying!
    And everyone is suddenly a thief in the evening. Run out the garden exit with an armload of stuff, then have the nerve to walk back in through the front and try to get a "refund" at the return desk.
    There aren't any manners in the evening, either. Bump someones shopping cart, and you might get punched.
    Only the biggest slobs shop in the evening. A whole class of people who think their mom DOES in fact, work here.
    Yep. People suck eggs... in the evening.

    1. I like how you incorporate in the evening on the natural flow, and then highlight the phrase at the end.

    2. I am so glad that worked! I didn't know how else to do it and still write the diary entries

    3. That sounds like an awful place to be, and yes, love the use of "evening"!!

  2. In the evening

    In the evening, I head to my bookmarks
    Of News sites collected with care
    Progressive world and local news
    And favorite video stream.

    In the evening, I can be mellow
    Daybreak news would not work
    I’d be angry or lost in petitions
    Poor ambassador for peace.

    In the evening, the hard stuff is past
    No firm talk or action needed
    Instead lose myself behind internet
    Windows to other worlds.

    In the evening, I need consolation
    Did my work move the world today?
    Did I forward just cause or relevance
    Am I ombudsperson whole?

    In the evening, reality is less harsh
    Tragic tears are shorter,
    Hero hopes are higher
    And my dreams are a whisper away.

    1. That's great!! I love the mellow tone and also the use of modern references!

  3. Living Room

    not every grandma
    is loved, adored
    when his grandma
    died my dad
    was a boy

    to make sure
    she was Dead
    that he now had
    power over her
    Dad slunk down

    to the living room
    in the middle
    of the night
    touched the body
    then ran back to bed

    1. Wow! That's kind of an amazing poem!

    2. Yea, dad told me the story. I made some assumptions as to his motives.

  4. That Party

    Going to be a wild night
    My mom's got a house
    Inviting all the kids
    From the high school
    To mingle in the evening

    When the smoke is in the air
    and the beer flows through the keg
    When dope was accepted and the
    euphoria would make you unafraid
    In the evening

    When the party starts and goes
    until morning with the illicit drugs
    all about in the lines of dope for
    snorting and the smoke inhaled
    as the cool kids don't go home
    in the evening

    They hang until the morning hour
    When the police all know the house
    with the loud music playing Robin Trower
    In the house where the drunk spill outside
    into the street in the evening

    Where the kids all meet and smoke
    Where the delinquent compete for
    the next drag off the doobie
    where the mood gets crazy with
    every inhibition is unchecked
    and every voice gets louder
    like the music playing
    in the evening

    Where the party is
    at the house without
    traffic when the sign
    on the corner says
    not a through street
    Where the kids
    all party at the
    end of the street
    Dead end kids
    that party
    in the evening

  5. In the evening,
    I look around my room
    And go