Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22


  1. Alarm commands, bursting into air
    Demands, halt!
    As solemn hurried voice blurts
    Trauma Team to ER
    ETA 2 minutes.
    Silence as the speaker, catches anxious breath
    Trauma Team to ER
    ETA 2 minutes.
    Curiosity taunts the worker
    What will the headlines read
    Gunshot vicitm shootout?
    Car crash pile-up chaos?
    Snap back to work
    Get use to
    Interruption backdrop
    Of trauma hospital.

    Reverberation through glass curtains
    Wooossh. Low strong. Insistent. Unrelenting.
    Then sudden silent catch, hangs in the air
    Quickly overtaken,
    By Faster swish high,
    In metrinome exact.
    Wooossh Silence Swish.
    Wooossh Silence Swish.
    Wooossh Silence Swish.
    Continuous thunder,
    When you first approach
    No sooner becomes
    White noise
    Comfort cradle
    Rocking back and forth
    Breathing machine
    Of the ICU.

    Shrill. High. BEEP
    Dagger through the air
    Don’t ignore!
    At last grateful silence. Thank you.
    No. Shrill high BEEP repeats.
    How dare you ignore, then
    Silence. Gratitude.
    Then repeat, shrill high BEEP.
    No rest here, until
    Finally nurse appears
    Stopping breathless between runs
    Flicks the irritating, tube kink.
    As the warning stills
    Relief from
    IV ringing pump
    Of the hospital floor.

    Buzzzz. Irritating.
    Fly buzzing round.
    Buzzzz, circling, swat it.
    Buzzzz, hovering.
    Buzzzz, not too loud to edge the nerves.
    Buzzz persistant.
    Buzzz, beckoning cry
    Stop worker need.
    How to silence once and for all?
    By answering the
    Patient call bell
    Of the nursing home.

    Shift ends.

    Pass through sliding doors
    Lay down armor
    Rest your noble

    1. God, that poem made my heart stop. Teaching poetry is rarely this stressful!

  2. Headphones

    never liked working
    in an office
    filled with people

    escaped under headphones
    listened to music
    often the same song

    humming as I worked
    driving the office
    mates crazy

    1. Ha! I hate that too and have to bring my own phones!

  3. The Music In Me

    The music flows
    as you know in prose of my mind
    Making sense out of silence
    and nonsense out of violence
    And all the words I write are the words
    despite the fight to rhyme
    As the flow is more important
    to go with the meaning
    Than resorting to the moment
    And the rhyme

    It will come and go as the songs are sung
    And as they show the words occur with a rhythm
    As the music is to use it
    just as words communicate
    And proves this is for her and him
    to have and to hold
    Letting no man tear asunder
    To laugh even though

    Letting go would demand
    You are under a spell to tell
    A story just as you would if
    you needed the glory
    And for all of you to see history
    in the making
    When the world is turning
    and man is yearning to love
    Instead of burning down the world to the ground

    With smoke in
    The clouds and the spoken
    Word just as loud as peace
    Surrounds this piece and sounds increase
    The irony is having you forever
    With every person thirsting for your love
    Let life live whenever you want to give
    Up and never have your song sung

    Let’s sing this one
    One more time together
    As you and I fly through to endeavor
    And float above these smoky clouds
    Into the heavens to hope for the love
    That beckons and feels free to believe
    in the eleventh hour
    Before we ascend
    To the end and pretend
    We are not empowered

    1. Great poem Daryl. I really like your voice and what you're doing with all of these!

  4. Dear diary,
    I've had Frank Sinatra stuck in my head every day for almost 2 weeks. Didn't think it was possible, but "Young at Heart" won't go away! Before that, it was Dino. I was singing "King of the Road" for damn near a month.
    I think it's driving my fellow deli associates insane. Especially since they're all under 22 years old. None of them even knew who Dean Martin was. What??? I guess it's time to take the Rat Pack cds out of the car. Nah! Time to spring some Sammy Davis jr. on the kids.....

  5. Music that is Too Cute

    Pitter pat
    Pitter pat
    I don't have babies
    Hearing their feet
    Makes me want one or some
    I can imagine a little chubby baby
    Or several
    Scurrying around wood floors laughing and having fun.
    This makes me cry.