Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 23


  1. Ooops

    gave the
    wrong weights

    on the materials

    didn’t clean
    the gutters

    the rains came
    made a nice
    pool on the roof

    leaks corrosion rot
    roof caves in
    nobody dies

    Cal State Long Beach
    needs a new
    music building

    1. Oh man! Is this based on real events?

    2. Yes. The truss engineer had determined we were not at fault, but everyone took the blame. I'm sure it was to protect the guilty.

  2. There were many medical issues.
    But you planned to go home, tomorrow.

    You were obese
    Which made it hard for helpers, to move you.

    Though its protocol to make sure patients
    Don’t slip down in bed.

    That would be life threatening.
    Especially with your feeding tube so high.

    Friday, I said good bye.
    The chart later read

    Friday night transfer to ICU
    Where you died.

    No mention that, under our care
    You likely slipped down in bed.

    In the night.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am knocked out by the honesty of this!

  3. Dear diary,
    I can't believe I am 3 weeks away from my 20 year anniversary with the company. I never in a thousand years thought I would still be here. I guess nobody thinks that far ahead when they're 20.
    Makes me feel old. Most of the kids I work with weren't even born when I got this job. Its so strange to think, that while I clocked in and out, year after year, these kids were playing on playgrounds, learning to read, going to prom-
    While my working adult life stayed the same. I feel like somehow, I missed out on something, even though I know I didn't.
    20 years. Wow. It's been good. I wouldn't change a thing.

    ☆I made a boo boo and posted the 23rd's prompt on the 21st, so, this is the prompt for the 21st, here on the 23rd!! At least I got the 22nd right!!!

    1. This is great! There are no errors in cyberspace. Only things.

  4. Dogma

    When I think of the word,
    I always picture horses
    Strange books
    And Ben Affleck...