Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24


  1. Dad built a
    wheelchair ramp
    for Grandpa Shultz
    a bit after they
    moved to Hemet
    I only remember it
    by the guest house
    near the
    grapefruit tree

    1. i like this one. simple and devastating.

    2. Few words again well chosen creates the image and mood. thx

  2. She dressed sharply in a tasteful, practical, professional style.

    She worked late, long after others had gone home.

    She never missed a year, standing next to Santa Claus hatted Administrators, serving the holiday buffet to workers.

    She filled every inch of her office, with elephant knic knacs from her African Safaris.

    She had nervous habits like biting her nails, and her hair seemed to bald with stress.

    She was never took bold action, though she said she cared about the profession.

    She was really good at lip-sinking her boss’s words.

    She performed as a leader in the state professional association, with fine social graces while the lobbyist ran things.

    She promoted safe employees, rather than those best qualified, but edgy.

    She gave you the feeling you could make her cry, if you pressed her with assertiveness.

    She always put hard things at the end of staff meeting agendas, when there would be little time to talk about them.

    She ran staff meetings, which were the most tedious and wasted moments of the week.

    She praised you often with accolade words and paper certificates for things you thought were stupid.

    She drove me completely nuts.

    But, who did the driving?

    1. I love the gradual deterioration of her character.

    2. I love it! I'd turn those lines into small stanzas however. It's a killer poem!

  3. Small negativities of avoidance

    1. You want don’t want to talk to people at the university function and it works — no one sees you. They stand around in circles and talk to each other and you press your nose against the glass but they don’t notice that blob against the window.
    2. You get very bored talking to yourself in whispers in the living room while your husband sleeps because you don’t want to bother him with your problems.
    3. You don’t want to talk to the neighbors, and they mow the lawn and invite all of the neighbors but YOU over. You don’t like them, but still you look surreptitiously out the kitchen door and wish for hornets to descend on their patio.
    4. Because you have so successfully avoided speaking on the phone, no one calls you except for marketing people and professional fundraisers.
    5. You walk to the mailbox. Bills.

    1. My introverted nature says - where's the downside? ;)

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    3. Love the hornets. And the ending stands strong. thx.

    4. I feel this so much. I feel feel feel thsis!

  4. Pretty Annoying Music

    I love listening to chimes
    When someone has one to two chimes on their porch
    And its windy
    The sounds are perfect,
    So perfect and lovely.
    When a homeowner
    Litters their porch with chimes,
    Too many of them,
    The noise cab be so annoying
    To the point where I want to call the cops.

  5. Dear diary,
    I can handle pretty much whatever a customer throws at me. But, sometimes the smallest thing just makes me want to lose my mind. There really should be a list of don't do's posted at the front door. For example:
    1. Don't demand employee attention, if you don't know what you want
    2. Don't stop employees and ask for help if they are obviously off the clock
    3. Don't assume we carry it just because our competitors do
    4. Don't open packages, then after you've destroyed the box, put a fresh one in your cart
    5. Don't assume we all think your kid is cute
    6. Don't bug us on our breaks
    7. Don't dye your hair neon pink if you're 80
    8. Don't blame us for most of the store's merchandise being made in China- so's everyone elses
    9. Don't tell me it's "such a shame" that we have to work on the holiday... after all, it IS your fault
    Pheww! This could get lengthy. As you can see, none of its major, but when each one happens 400 times a day, a person can start to go batty.