Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25


  1. The Office

    each drawing follows
    the footprint of
    the building a
    symmetry, simple
    in its complexity
    ordered, a rhythm
    a perfect logic

    the office is a
    jungle invading
    the order of
    the work — people
    have no logic

    tearing at the
    fabric of order
    opposed to work

    enemy to peace

    1. Enemy to peace is a KILLER line!

    2. I knew I had one line to bring it home, and didn't have it until the end.

  2. Center Lost While Things Do Fall Apart

    God took me to a place once
    In the Spirit
    Where different lands met in one area
    Lands so different, they seemed like dissimilar worlds.
    But there were birds here
    Black Ravens from a Dark Land,
    Brown birds from a place of beautiful earthly sorrow
    And crows that knew green plains
    That were halfway dying.
    I love this place
    Like those comfortable crows
    Its like me and the birds sing together
    Our spirits dancing.
    I return often
    As often as I can.

  3. I have an idea JB. Why don't we make a book with all these 30 day poems? It could be like featured unknown poets or something

  4. Dear diary,
    I had to set up displays of all of the plastic play houses yesterday. There were 3 of them: a play house, a castle & a wierd 4 sided cube. I spent all day outside, in front of the store, trying to decipher useless directions. And why is it that pre-drilled holes NEVER line up?
    Anyway, after 6 hours and a ton of foul language, I got them built, priced and ready to go.
    This morning, they were completey destroyed. Gotta love unattended children.

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  6. Wise and practical Hippocrates
    Passed on an oath of practice
    To rigor and ethics
    The center point of medicine.

    Good and honest clinicians
    Work hard with good intent
    Advancing patient health
    The center point of medicine.

    Alphabet named groups
    Representing constituents
    Are known to stray from
    The center point of medicine.

    Desire to maintain control of
    How doctors would be paid
    Led their lobby to veer from
    The center point of medicine.

    By $25 per AMA member fee
    Whitikar and Baxter were hired
    The PR firm that vanquished
    The center point of medicine.

    Through their careful crafted message
    Of Socialist fear mongering
    1940’s US steered from
    The center point of medicine.

    With even less doctor control
    The debaucle unfolds
    US health care far afield from
    The center point of medicine.