Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26


  1. New House

    push the front door
    it swings free
    with no sound

    the smell of
    new carpet
    assaults you

    with a hint
    of new paint
    on the walls

    walk up the stairs
    stopping on the
    landing, look down

    the living room
    is cavernous with
    its vaulted ceiling

    look out the
    master bedroom window
    at the backyard

    bare dirt with
    the posts of
    the new fence

    the rails and
    fencing stacked
    in piles

    downstairs pull the
    tape off of the
    sliding doors

    flip the kitchen
    light on then off
    run the sink water

    click the front door
    twist the handle, push in
    walk to the curb

    drop the keys
    into the new
    owner's hand

    1. Okay that's a satisfying feeling and you totally gave it to us!

  2. Stroke number three by middle age
    Left arm amputated
    Depressed and bedbound lately
    She acquiesced to rehab plan.

    I met her at the bedside
    Self doubting and dependent.
    High assist in all self care
    Unsure of life ahead.

    With wheelchair locked and steadied
    She climbed out of bed
    I reminded her to dress again
    With her one strong hand.

    Laboring passage to the sink
    Surprised by mirror fright
    I helped tease her hair back to its style
    Lipstick sparked a shift.

    She agreed to meet again
    To consider what to do
    What is worth the effort
    In a foreign body.

    I encouraged her, remember
    The many skills you know
    Conversation began to flow
    Rappor began to grow.

    She said the house was uncontrolled
    Daughter’s visits she declined
    She said her favorite pastime
    Was ebay shopping time.

    I said that’s a great pastime,
    That you could still do.
    Her mood began to brighten
    Tectonic shift ensued.

    Independence blossomed now as
    Her ebay idea formed
    A home visit to prepare was set
    But I was unprepared.

    Hoarded barricades everywhere
    Waited for an ebay home
    No wonder she had stayed in bed
    She’d change this time, she said.

    We worked to clear out access
    Practiced safe passage throughout
    Marked boxes to be cleared away
    Marked boxes for ebay.

    She did achieve transition home
    Celebrated by her daughter.
    Determined for a habit change
    For no hospital return.

    Perhaps your ebay order came
    From this new tycoon.

    1. Yes! Absolutely what you should writing about. YES YES YES

  3. It's When...

    My heart disengages
    And shatters,
    Thats the time,
    When I get to fall in love again
    With another
    Or the same one.
    It's fun
    Working with God
    A special Arts and Crafts time
    As we take the glass pieces,
    In their bruised colors,
    Add glue, and paint
    Along with a base
    To create a mosaic
    Of a boy or man's face...

  4. This is really nice. Beautiful images and just the right feel.