Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 27


  1. Trigonometry

    geometry teacher
    skipped the
    chapter on trig

    and I’m sure most
    of the students
    didn’t need it

    when you make a truss
    you need to know the
    length of the long leg

    what’s the hypotenuse?
    thank you Pythagoras
    for doing the math

    a² plus b² equals c²
    3² plus 4² equals 5²
    12 plus 16 equals 25

    sine cosine tangent
    I fell right in
    didn’t need the chapter

    but after
    twenty five years
    I’m a bit rusty

    1. That's great. I don't know the math, but I like the music in it!

  2. Karate

    Such a strange sport. I enrolled because I had to get PE credit, but the possibility of defending myself against a foe was an awesome bonus too. After nine years, I have memorized twenty one forms (with several more in the future); strengthened my legs to be fast or stable depending on the situation; and, my pointer and middle finger are the only red knuckles after minutes of punching bags. I’ve learned how to instruct kids (and have out kiaied most of them) and fervently congratulate them as the colors of their belts change. These are all things I expected to learn.
    What surprised me is how my demeanor has changed. “That’s a stupid idea!” and “I won’t do it!” have morphed into “Yes, teacher, I will do that!"; “You’re just a beginner, you don’t know anything!” has become, “Please teach me!” Respect is not hinged on actions of others, but blossoms out of viewing and treating one another with respect.

    1. This is great. It looks like karate teaches physical as well as mental discipline, also maturity.

    2. GREAT TO SEE YOU MELINDA!!! Also, I like your poem here. I will turn you into a poet!

  3. I did not think I’d have to learn so much
    about Health Insurance.
    A contract with an insurer who
    Pays certain future health cost
    For a fee,
    The premium
    Though you still pay a part,
    The deductible.

    I learned that
    An insurer estimates
    What fee to charge you
    Based on what resources
    They think you’ll use
    What diagnosis, race, age, income,
    Risk pool, you’re in.
    Low risk pool, low fee
    High risk pool
    High $500-$900/month fee.
    Not lucky.

    Most seem to get
    Health insurance
    At the job
    And feel lucky because
    Jobs have better rates
    Than if you paid
    From your pocket.
    But the boss just pays
    The insurance company
    Some of your salary
    While you
    take home less.
    And when premiums go up
    Your salary does not.

    Some get health insurance
    From Government
    Like Medicare >65, Medicaid, Vets.
    They are not afraid
    To go to doctors
    Or hospitals.
    They don’t wait for care
    Because for them
    Public taxes
    Pay the fee.
    That’s lucky.

    I did not think I'd have to learn so much
    About Obamacare, the ACA
    The health insurance now required
    Which seems to be more business
    And subsidy to
    Insurance execs
    And their shareholders.
    But no pre-existing conditions
    No people tied to jobs
    No ER substitution
    For routine care.

    Monthly fee maybe low
    Deductible likely high
    And subsidy qualifying
    Is questionable.
    In the maze you ask
    What network, what copay
    What drugs are covered?
    Have I met
    The deductible?

    While under the ACA
    Insurance CEOs make
    $94 million/year
    Shareholder profits
    Maybe 10.3 billion
    That’s, really

    1. That's great! It's kind of a call to action!

  4. I think that I'm an expert
    At being Curious
    And trying new things out.
    I never expected to learn
    How to cook.
    I tried recipes,
    And experienced a few disappointments
    But now I cook pretty darn well.