Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28


  1. I could never
    art was not in

    logic, systematic
    made more sense
    to me

    engineering drafting
    was the
    intersection of art
    and logic

    form meets beauty

    1. I would love to see your visual art man! You have to do this!

    2. My art is like my poetry - minimal. The little face I have for my Facebook profile most of the time (which by the way was what my first book 5 lines was referring to), and a little line drawing cat I use for my Facebook profile sometimes which will be the only piece of art on my next book (I've seen the cover), and the heart logo for Kevin Ridgeway's new press.

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  3. Juegos de Videos

    I hate video games
    And video games hate me
    Because I can never understand them
    For they fail to instruct me.

    1. I used to use them to zone out. I could have done a whole month of poems on video games.

    2. That would be a great collection!

  4. A Capacity

    One's capacity can be measured
    By one's strength of momentum
    Present prior to acquiring a certain skill
    Or depth of perception.

    I would say
    That I surprised myself with,
    Never conceived of,
    Or even imagined
    My ability
    To endure the things that I have
    And still survive.

  5. Patience by Melinda Smoot

    There's a joke tossed around within my church-- if you ask for patience, the good Lord above will place you in situations that consistently test this attribute. Want patience? Try to merge in stopped traffic on the 405 and watch as the subwoofing Camaro blocks just an inch of space you could have used to ease your left blinker into. Or, even better, stand in line of five people at the bank while the one available bank teller is being berated by a walking prune. Every suited employee that passes you assures you the teller will be with you shortly. Not like they can’t operate a computer behind a window also—that would be too convenient. And you only have thirty minutes to spare anyway. These are the beginning exercises.
    The next level of patience exists when instructing and interacting with children. My sister, a school teacher, advised, “Say what you want to see!” But children thirst to be successful and often out perform your simple requests. I say “Move your back foot. Keep your front foot stuck where it is” and both feet move. I say “block with the hand you punched with”, and they will consistently not do so. I say “walk please” and they whiz by me as if I were blockading a path to the ice cream truck.
    When I was younger, I wanted nothing to do with teaching—especially if it meant teaching children. Now, I am told by my family, “You seem like you’d be a good school teacher”; “You’re extremely patient with kids!” I don’t know how much I buy the former, but I can now survive four hours with children talking, grabbing, sitting on and hugging me, their tiny voices repeating whatever I say or following any requests with “Why?”. I suppose I have leveled up, because I typically play along with their games too.

    1. I love this. I know you're new to poetry, but you're going in and doing prose poetry!