Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29


  1. How I've Changed

    I'm an expert at resilience.
    Maybe not a pro at making millions.
    But I'm definitely resilient.
    That means that I never give up.
    Every time I fail,
    I attempt whatever it is again and Again and AGAIN.
    It doesn't matter what area
    Of my life that I think as about,
    I always persist.
    Because I love life and Im going to enjoy it.
    I'm resilient with
    My Religious Life,
    My Spirituality,
    My Family Relationships,
    My Friendships,
    My talents, likes and hobbies,
    The Idea of ever progressing and getting ahead in life.
    My mind.
    My appearance,
    My Personality,
    And my reputation.
    These are things to always work on and value, No matter what.

    1. That's great. It's kind of a song of myself!

  2. 2 x 4

    the round tree
    stripped of
    bark and branch

    is run through
    the mill
    rough cut

    a 2 x 4 as
    any fool knows
    starts that way

    then, kiln dried
    and planed a
    half inch smaller

    either way to
    make it
    1 1/2 x 3 1/2

    build a wall
    with stud,
    plate, block,

    cripple wall,
    and sill.
    filled in

    with door
    and window

    with 16d

    1. That's great man. I think this works in the middle of your chapbook. It adds expertise and working music!