Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3


  1. Building Blocks

    answering an ad
    in the paper for
    a draftsman

    they asked to draw
    a simple drawing
    of a truss bearing

    I remembered
    my drafting class
    in high school

    it have always
    amazed me tha
    such simple things

    as math and
    repetitive tasks are
    supposed to be hard

    rectangles, angles,
    geometry, and trig are
    like playing with blocks

    you place one block
    on top of another
    one at a time

    drawing a building
    is so simple
    one look at

    a flat drawing
    and I can see the
    whole building

    built brick by brick
    in my mind no harder
    than Lincoln logs

    and the blueprints
    I has seen
    my whole life

    and the houses I
    had seen built
    growing up

    all the buildings
    I went to with Dad
    apartments to mansions

    I could now make
    with pencil, triangle,
    and straight edge

    and dream of houses
    growing from the ground
    touching the sky

    1. That's great man, and I love the structure you've set up for yourself here!

    2. terrific. you (almost) make it sound easy. :-)

    3. thank you Stephanie. practice, practice, practice.

    4. Ha, I just saw all my typing mistakes. Note to self - maybe I should post in the morning when i wake up and not at 1 in the morning (but type in up then or I won't know what I wrote in the morning).

  2. What sparked my interest

    Awed by a grand loom of weaving
    Engulfing body in colors of thread
    Animating arms to pass weft and warf
    Range of motion exercise in fun.

    10 Dumbbell moves of 10 reps each
    Day in and boring day out,
    Can’t match the flow of living art
    The draw of beloved task.

    Healing through art grabbed my attention
    Finding tasks people want to do
    Engaged body and mind and heart
    A life opening to flower.

    So Therapy Occupational
    Wove art and health for me
    A journey twisted in weft and warf
    An art colored with many lives.

    1. That's great. It's going to build here! You're setting us up for the pain of the later days!

  3. this got very strange.

    Not talking to anyone Tankas between me and my mom

    The queen of avoidance
    My mother knew how to hide
    She locked herself in the bathroom
    When I was 13.

    That French maid scared me!
    I hate the way French verbs morph:
    Do I use ‘vous’ or ‘tu’ with the help?
    I hid. You dealt. Fine.

    What about Granddad’s wake?
    You tried to hide with brownies
    A neighbor made; you ran for it —
    Some nurse ate them all.

    The brownie theft: terrible.
    Your conversion to Judaism: worse
    God is dumb; I don’t believe.
    The worst is: you do.

    Sorry Mom, I’m shy
    Still, I need people, God too
    I don’t need either
    — you say that
    But you need me.

    1. love the conversation, and the tankas

    2. Yeah, I love this. You've captured some buried emotions in me and I think all of us.

  4. Dear diary,
    I am SO sick of working in crappy restaurants. I thought the experience would get me closer to becoming a chef. It's not working out.
    Saw an ad in the paper today. Wal-Mart is building a store here. What the heck is a Wal-Mart? Anyway, it's full time, benefits, vacation... EVERYTHING this grease pit is lacking.
    I think tomorrow, I'll go down there and apply. It would be a good job til I get into a more professional restaurant. How long could it possibly take, right?

    1. this worked for me. the ending is great.

    2. Yeah, the ending really sets us up for some major irony!

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah... my humble beginnings were pretty uneventful. But, never fear! I have accumulated 20 years of stories!

    2. Ahh, the decisions we make. I'll do this for a small time, or this will lead to this, and it never turns out how we plan.