Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30


  1. Power Trip

    If I could change anything
    In any field in which
    I invest my energy in,
    I would have more power
    In order to have a greater influence
    And grasp of what I love
    And of what I want to be.

  2. No more Lectures
    No more droning on
    In excited tones while hundreds sleep
    Because they’re working 3 jobs paying off their loans
    Or have to go home to watch their children
    Or grandparents or both
    No more talking about yourself and your life
    And why it matters to students whose lives
    Are different and having nothing to do with yours
    No more self-aggrandizement
    No more insistence on the inherent importance
    Of whatever it is you’re an expert in
    Because you happen to like it personally
    while students gape at you
    And your notes
    And while we’re at it
    No more power point which is just a lecture
    With slides on a computer and fonts
    No more of that
    No more podiums
    No more multiple choice tests
    No more bills for students
    No more telling students what to think
    But instead continual asking continual
    Not yes or no open-ended questions
    Designing your own syllabus
    And asking always asking
    What is worth knowing
    And what else what more
    Do for
    You and
    What more can we all do

    1. I love the structure of this and the style too. Great poem!!

  3. if not for greed
    everyone would
    have a home