Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 4


  1. in confidence:

    What no one knows about how to avoid people at a conference

    Don’t duck — scan.
    Before you even enter the space look through
    Windows into lounge areas and common rooms — who’s coming
    Up or down the escalator who is up there on the
    Tier above you or — even better — who’s below
    Gabbing or self-promoting or probably both?
    Now let your gaze roam. Look for distinguishing features:
    Glasses, the hat of the balding documentarian or poet,
    Large jewelry that shines under fluorescents, unusual hair
    Dye jobs, including post-punk hues, then braids or updos. Now
    Look for movements: the hulking
    Walk, the arm fling, the jerk of the head. And then if you’re close
    Enough the bray of laughter but at that point you might be too close
    So back away, put your face into your program, sit
    Breathe and think invisibly.

    1. That's great! Okay, I get this COMPLETELY. I've done it. I live it. I love this!

    2. Nice, I have a poem called "the art of invisibility"

  2. Insider Information.

    I meticulously write out care plans
    This objective, these materials, this time
    My writing is small
    My paper a scrap
    Then Into my pocket these go
    The black hole whose hunger feeds well
    On my litany of lists
    And my old brain’s memory too.

    The schedule always moves quick
    Hello my friend, how is your day
    I’m excited for such and such we planned
    as unprepared panic rises.
    I feel for the scrap in my pocket
    Its my gum wrapper
    Now I will fail.

    Then I look at the body before me.
    The silence that she brings
    How he favors his arm
    Her babble on grandchildren
    His love of carpentry
    Her skill of Philipino cuisine
    The fear under his eyes.

    And with no whisper of delay
    With a knowing that never fails
    I rocket the plan into nuclear space
    Laugh at my oh, so prepared self
    Naked’s just fine
    Here’s suggestion by me
    Response from the other
    A shaping erupts
    A playful plan
    It’s a trip to Mars today.

    1. This is great Jeanne. I really think that this is going to be the focus of your work.You're going to need to do a bunch of these like this.

  3. New Drawing

    fluorescent light
    shines on the
    drafting table

    straight edge
    strung with wires
    triangles slide the
    parallel straight
    edge up and down
    measure with the
    architect and
    engineering scales

    spin the 9H lead
    in the lead pointer
    hold the lead holder
    over the clean vellum

  4. What No 1 Knows About Skipping

    No one knows that skipping is meant only for me.
    For me and those who skip with me.
    Particularly those who I enjoy skipping with me or who I would like to skip with me.
    This excludes those who skip with me when I dont want them to be skipping with me.
    Or those who daydream of skipping with me but shouldnt.
    Since I am very reasonable, if someone doesnt want to skip with me but I want to skip with them, then we wont out if respect for his or her personal boundries.

  5. Dear diary,
    I just got off the plane from Bentonville. Work sent me to the share holders meeting this year. Three days of free food, tours and concerts. I know, it was awful!
    I have to give a presentation tomorrow when I get back to the store. Now that I'm in charge of the sustainability project, I have to fill everyone in on the recycling changes.
    Apparently, our store was selected for solar panels. Which is awesome, because it's going to cut our grid usage by 50%. All of the stores in sunny states are going to get them. They also told us we are going to begin recycling more than just cardboard. We're going to start compressing our plastic, metal, even Styrofoam, into bales. Stores will now recycle 99% of their waste!
    Oh! And, we got to see the unveiling of new Wal-Mart trucks. The company is taking the used fryer oil from all of the service deli's in the Supercenters and having it converted to fuel. The engines actually run on refined cooking oil... wow!
    But, what I thought was really crazy, was the new line of recycled mulch. They take the used tires from the Tire Lube & Express, sterilize them, shred them, then bag it up and sell it in the garden center. I wonder how many people will unwittingly buy back their old flat tires and spread them in their flowerbeds? Ha!