Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5


  1. Cabinets

    the carpenters
    had installed
    the cabinets

    Dad handed me
    a sack, it felt
    heavy, and a

    box of bolts
    with flat
    heads and slots

    there were
    twenty houses
    to do today

    I ran to the first
    pulled out a knob
    slipped a bolt

    in the hole, spun
    the knob, clinched
    it tight

    that was one

    1. I like the plainness of this. Very convincing.

    2. I completely agree with you Robbi. That's what makes this poem!

  2. Okay, so are you high in this one? Lol. Altar boy? So you're Catholic? I'm so addicted to your freaken blog its a sin, ask the Padre to forgive me and diosito
    santo too. :-D

    1. I left the Catholic church as a young person. Quaker now. It's great but no confession. I'm glad you're addicted! I love your work.

  3. Behind the Scenes I Am An Expert DayDreamer

    DayDream Believer
    Yup, I can relate to that.
    The song is pretty,
    but I love all Classic Rock pretty much.
    The lyrics talk about my life.
    Brown eyed girl,
    American woman
    Always California dreaming the days away.
    That gets me into trouble.
    But I guess thats okay.
    I mean, maybe not to some people.
    But how others live their lives
    doesn't seem right to me either.
    We all play our roles and give in to our vices
    Over and over and over again.
    And I guess thats what makes life good,
    What makes things good.
    No matter how evil they seem.
    I make up stories in my head.
    Cast real life people into roles they're meant for.
    Can't help it when someone looks the part.

    1. That's great! This is a song of yourself!

  4. Dear diary,
    I officially hate Tickle Me Elmo. That little red bastard is going to haunt my dreams all season. I haven't seen this much customer stupidity since the Cabbage Patch Kids incident of 1984.
    The warehouse is constantly out of them, and when I am able to order the little vibrating freak, they send me two cases. Really, two cases? That's eight Elmos. I don't dare bring them out to the salesfloor when we are open. A guy in some store back east was killed last week. He rolled out a cart of five cases and was trampled to death.
    I try to explain to people that there will be a massive overage of them after Christmas. All they need to do is buy a gift card and come back in January. But no... little Billy NEEDS IT NOW! Cretins. It's like they think we should be able to pull an endless supply of Elmo out of our ass on comand. And now that we are no longer holding merchandise or giving out rainchecks, tempers have reached an unreasonable level moron. Not the most wonderful time of the year.

    1. I love that you're doing these as diary entries. Keep that up! These are wornderful!

  5. Small Insider Information

    Punctuate, Capitalize,
    Superscript exact
    Cite in form requested.
    Painstakingly prevent,
    Plagiary death.

    Will you sleep again you wonder
    As you pass 50 pages
    Gasp, a message in your in box.
    Truant evidence now here,
    For page one.

    Is it humanly possible to
    Punctuate, Capitalize
    Superscript exact.
    Start all again,
    From page one?

    Look, touch this icon
    Now touch page one and brace.
    As computer vomit happens
    Self changing 50 sheets,
    from page one.

    The program is called Endnote
    Worth every penny
    in its pot.

    1. This is wonderful. You are really developing this collection well. Here we have the minutia of the job. I'll have more prompts like this to come!